Semester Programs

Parent and Family Resources

Congratulations on your student’s acceptance into a Study Away program. This is an experience we hope will become one of the highlights of their academic career. We applaud you for encouraging your student to take advantage of this valuable opportunity for intellectual and personal growth, which will enrich and broaden their perspectives and prepare them to enter a global workforce. We appreciate your continued support during the planning phase, your student’s participation in the program, and their transition to life back in the U.S.
In preparation for their travels, we host three orientation sessions:

  1. A general informational session that covers expectations around student conduct, preparing for culture shock, strategizing for cultural adjustment, maintaining good health, preparing for foreign academic systems, and diversity abroad. We also provide your student with a checklist of the documents that they will need to return to the Study Away office. 
  2. A session with families to address your concerns and answer any questions you may have. We will send an invitation to your student's home address and provide you with a parent packet of the relevant information we think you should know. Included in your packet and the presentation is information about flights, insurance, money, and coursework. This session will also be specific to the program that your student is going on.
  3. A final session to go over safety expectations abroad, how to alert the Study Away office in the event of an emergency and the protocols to follow thereafter. This session is also co-facilitated by our friends from the FBI. We will also cover some of the safety and medical features of our insurance and their app and how it can be used to keep our students safe in their host country as well as when they travel to other countries.