Study Away



  • Give your address to family and friends so you receive mail
  • May not have your address until arrival or just before departure
  • Use the postage of the country you are sending from
  • Packages can take a long time to arrive; consider express options. Avoid sending valuables if possible

Phone Cards

  • Phone cards work well, purchase before you go
  • Can be used in host families
  • Find out your country’s access code before departure. You need the code to dial the 1-800 number while abroad. To access the codes call the number on the back of your phone card
  • Ireland, France, Germany, Japan, Spain and Italy: Consider purchasing a cell phone

Texting Apps, Social Media and Email

  • Great way to stay in touch
  • Cheaper and easier than calling
  • Wi-Fi is available in Internet cafes, universities and libraries
  • Efficient way to update friends and family of your adventures