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AQ alumna Chelsea Nix '09 states that Aquinas College imparted a lifestyle to her. A lifestyle shaped by the art department and service leaning while she was a student here. Is that why community and service, two of the Dominican pillars, ground her photography? Her 2018 ArtPrize entry The String Project, along with her husband Mariano Cortez, explores the idea that “we are all connected.” All the photographs in this series show people from all over the world holding the same string. From a distance, it looks as though they are physically connected (see the three examples of photographs from this series). Is it the idea behind these forty photographs that brings people together and makes them cry? Are the underlying values of community and service the reason why The String Project was nominated for a 2D juried prize, and was in the top 20 public vote this year? >Read More

AQ Lightning Talks Come to Life

On March 17, 2016, Aquinas College presented the AQ Lightning Talks, an event where faculty and students discussed the ideas that drive research during short conversations across twelve different disciplines including the humanities, math, sciences, and social sciences. The talks were organized and facilitated by Dr. Amanda Lahikainen, Associate Professor of Art, who got the idea after participating in #ScholarFest at The John W. Kluge Center in June 2015. She sought to replicate the same “wonderful spirit of interdisciplinarity” that she experienced during her time as both a Kluge Fellow in 2013 and a #ScholarFest participant in 2015. 

The John W. Kluge Center at the Library of Congress shares the knowledge and insights of scholars and social scientists. Their blog is a collection of staff and guest posts that highlight the “breadth, depth, and value of the humanities and social science research” made possible by the Library of Congress. In April 2016, Dr. Lahikainen’s guest post was featured on this blog, highlighting the AQ Lightning Talks and how they were inspired by #ScholarFest. >Read her post 


Alumni Stories

Pat Maguire '11

Pat Maguire standing next to art

A powerful piece of art is like a vehicle, transporting the viewer to a state of contemplation. In the driver’s seat is Aquinas College alumnus Pat Maguire ‘11, whose deeply expressive oil paintings and installations are making a name in the art community.

Many of Maguire’s pieces feature windows, archways, and doorways, which are meant to represent the threshold between reality and fantasy.

“It’s a restful, peaceful place where the mind goes in its meditative state,” said Maguire. >Read More


Zachary Branigan '99

After graduating from Aquinas in 1999 with a Bachelor of Arts in art and business, Branigan continued on to graduate school at the University of Michigan, where he received his Master's in Urban Planning in 2001. >Read more

Branigan with a bike





Nathan Lareau's artNathan Lareau '05 

Adjunct faculty, full-time staff, and AQ Alumnus, Nathan Lareau '05 earned a place in the Public Vote Final 20 for ArtPrize 2014 for his piece "Urban Tumbleweed." >Read more