Art at Aquinas College

Alumni Profiles

Melena Hogan

"I graduated from Aquinas College in 2017 with a double major in History and Art History. Throughout my studies at Aquinas, my appreciation for art and local history increased and I developed an interest in historical research. In my junior year I participated in the Ireland Study Abroad program in 2016 where I was overwhelmed by its historical sites, national art works, and collection of museums. This year I’m headed back to Ireland as a graduate student in the Museum Studies program at University College Cork. The program consists of taught courses, day excursions, a curated museum exhibition, work placements in regional and national museums, and a dissertation."


Pat Maguire '11

Pat Maguire standing next to art

A powerful piece of art is like a vehicle, transporting the viewer to a state of contemplation. In the driver’s seat is Aquinas College alumnus Pat Maguire ‘11, whose deeply expressive oil paintings and installations are making a name in the art community.

Many of Maguire’s pieces feature windows, archways, and doorways, which are meant to represent the threshold between reality and fantasy.

“It’s a restful, peaceful place where the mind goes in its meditative state,” said Maguire. >Read More