Student Learning Outcomes

Mission Statement. The mission of the Kinesiology Department, in support of the mission of Aquinas College and grounded in the liberal arts tradition, is to prepare each student for a career that promotes movement, activity, and lifelong learning, and the role these factors play in the development of a whole person.

Student Learning Outcomes.  ​Based on the National Standards for Sport Coaches published through the National Association for Physical Education and Sport (NASPE), students will be versed in the following:

  • Safety and Injury Prevention:  demonstrate skill in the prevention, recognition and evaluation of injuries.
  • Physical Conditioning: design programs of training, conditioning, and recovery that properly utilize exercise physiology and biomechanical principles. 
  • Teaching and Communication: develop and monitor goals for the athletes and overall program, and identify a variety of tools available to reduce performance anxiety. 
  • Sport Skills and Tactics: apply competitive sport strategies and specific tactics appropriate for the age and skill levels of the participants.