Matt Flanagan

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Matt Flanagan graduated from Aquinas College in 1998 with a Bachelors of Science. He chose a dual major in Spanish and biology with a minor in chemistry. After finishing his undergrad Matt attended Michigan State University, College of Osteopathic Medicine where he received a D.O. He explained that a doctor trained in Osteopathic Medicine will have more varied medical knowledge about procedures and diagnostics. After medical school, Matt did his first year internship at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing from 2004-2005. Next Matt did an emergency medical residency from 2005-2008 at Spectrum Health Butterworth. Finally, Matt completed a specialization fellowship focusing on emergency ultrasounds from 2011-2012. Currently Matt works at Spectrum Health as an emergency physician splitting his time between seven of their hospitals. emergency medicine is one of the most difficult and varied fields within healthcare. Despite this, Matt keeps a positive attitude, when asked what he enjoys most about his field he stated, “The challenge, it is a challenging specialty, you need to be well versed in a lot of different medical problems and be comfortable with anything that comes through the door. We help newborns all the way up to 100 year olds.” Emergency physicians must have knowledge about medical problems in all other specialties such as pediatrics, oncology, and cardiology. Alongside the need to be knowledgeable about literally all forms of taught medicine is the technical expertise required for many emergency medical procedures. Matt listed putting in a chest tube, intubation, and point of care ultrasound in order to make a life threatening diagnosis as just a tiny look at the daunting list of technical skill required for this profession. Matt is very genuine, with an emotionally intelligent way of speaking that is extremely comforting. He is clearly an excellent doctor and someone who understands the value of hardwork and helping others.

When asked about his time at Aquinas, Matt explained that he had a soft spot for campus ministry. He especially loved the trips they took such as going to South Manitou Island and service learning trips over spring break. He described the formation of “The Fam” his friend group that meets multiple times a year and has since they attended Aquinas. He also commented on the tendency for science majors to have eight a.m. classes every semester and his jealousy of the business students having Fridays with no classes. Additionally, he reminisced about the opening of The Cook Carriage house, a mainstay of Aquinas’ current campus. Matt expressed his enjoyment in having Dr. Mckelvy as biology professor many times and often shares stories of him writing entire complicated biology lecture on a chalkboard by memory. When asked about what makes Aquinas special he said, “The people, the opportunity to make close friendships due to the personable size of campus, the professors that were interested in you and committed to your success, and the feeling of empowerment from things like student senate. Aquinas gives you the ability to seek out your dreams. Not all schools have that.” Matt Flanagan is a clearly kind hearted individual that cares about his loved ones and the treatment for his patients. He is an AQ saint all the way and it shows in almost all aspects of his life.