Business Administration at Aquinas College

Business Administration and Music Dual Major (BSBA)

The Music Department will discontinue offering the BSBA Dual Major in Business and Music as of Sept. 1, 2019. All students who have declared this major by Sept. 1 will be allowed to complete it and receive the degree on their diplomas. All courses in the exiting program will remain in the course catalog.

Major Requirements: Seventy-one (71) semester hours.

  • At least thirty-three (33) semester hours must be taken at Aquinas.
  • MCAP courses must be completed with a B- or higher, MCTH courses must be completed with a C+ or higher, and all other courses must be completed with a grade of C– or higher.
Thirty-nine (39) semester hours in Business:
AG210 Principles of Accounting I 4.0
AG211 Principles of Accounting II 4.0
BS106 Business Communication 3.0
BS201 Principles of Management 3.0
BS202 Principles of Marketing 3.0
BS305 Financial Management 3.0
BS332 Business Law II 3.0
BS460 Ethical Applications in Business 3.0
BS492 Cases in Business Policy (SC) 3.0
CS152 Spreadsheets 1.0
ES211 Microeconomic Principles 3.0
ES212 Macroeconomic Principles 3.0
MS151, 252 or 494 Statistics 3.0
Thirty-two (32) semester hours in Music:
MCAP122/123 OR MCAP 123/124 Piano 1,1
MCEN143/144, 155/156, 167/168 OR 171/172 Ensemble 1,1
MCTH102 Studio Recording I 2.0
MCTH202 Studio Recording II 2.0
MCTH113 Integrated Theory I 3.0
MCTH114 Integrated Theory II 3.0
MCTH115 Sight Singing and Ear Training I 1.0
MCTH116 Sight Singing and Ear Training II 1.0
MCTH/CS160 Midi-Music Publishing 1.0
MCTH/CS260 Advanced Midi-Music Publishing 1.0
MCHL213 Music History Survey 3.0
MCHL214 History of Popular Music 3.0
DMH (Declaration of Major Hearing) 0.0
SPR (Senior Portfolio Review) 0.0
Choose one (1) from the following:
MCAP125,126 Piano Studies 2,2
MCAP131,132 Organ Studies 2,2
MCAP151,152 Instrument Studies 2,2
MCAP165,166,142 Voice Studies 1,1,2
MCAP397 Internship in Music/Business Admin. (minimum three hours) 3.0
MCAP460 Music Production Project Capstone (SC) (minimum three hours) 1.0