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Business Administration at Aquinas College

Finance Concentration within Business Majors

Concentration Requirements: Fifteen (15) semester hours.

  • Business majors may declare either the marketing concentration or the marketing minor, but not both.
  • A GPA of 2.0 must be maintained.
  • Only courses with a grade of C- or better will count.
BS312 Principle of Investments 3.0
BS405 Advanced Financial Management 3.0
Choose three (3) courses from the following:
BS245 Personal Finance 3.0
BS/ES301 Money and Banking 3.0
BS/AG336 Tax Law I 3.0
BS338 Insurance & Risk Management 3.0
BS362 Negotiations 3.0
BS455 International Finance 3.0
ES465 Econometrics 3.0



  • BS245 Personal Finance (3) SS1

    Serves as a practical guide to individual money planning. Subjects covered include budgeting, investing, planning for taxes, insurance, consumer decisions, and retirement planning.

  • BS301/ES301 Money and Banking (3) SS1

    A study of financial institutions and markets and of monetary theory. Prerequisite: ES212

  • BS312 Principles of Investments (3)

    Covers a general framework for investing, including an overview of the securities markets. The process of analyzing stocks, bonds, option type securities, real assets, international investing, and mutual funds in introduced. Portfolio management is considered. Prerequisites: AG210 or CS152.

  • BS336/AG336 Tax Law I (3)

    Covers the basic concepts of federal income taxation applicable to individual taxpayers, including tax research, realization and recognition of income, deductions and credits. Prerequisite: AG210.

  • BS338 Insurance and Risk Management (3)

    This course introduces students to insurance, the insurance business, and the regulatory climate in which the industry operates. Prerequisite: Sophomore status.

  • BS362 Negotiations (3)

    The course will highlight the principles of effective negotiation and teach students to analyze their behavior in negotiations. The course will be partially experiential. Students will learn both by doing exercises and also engaging with the relevant theory to provide a framework for understanding their experiential lessons. The course touches on topics related to psychology and behavioral economics.

  • BS405 Advanced Financial Management (3)

    Covers the concepts and techniques underlying effective decision making related to investment and financing decisions. Some of the topics include planning profitability, analysis of risk, valuation of financial assets, time value of money, cost of capital, capital budgeting, planning capital structure, and dividend decisions. Prerequisites: AG211, ES211, MS151, CS152. Also business/ financial calculator proficiency.

  • BS455 International Finance (3)

    Basic foreign exchange and stabilization procedures are discussed. Other subjects include methods for short- and long-term overseas corporate investing, financing exports and imports through appropriate international financial channels, and the role of the government in international financial markets. Prerequisite: BS305 or consent of instructor.

  • ES465 Econometrics (3)

    Introduction to Econometrics offers a general introduction to econometric methodology. The course begins with the classical linear regression model. After analyzing the properties of the simple and multivariate regression models, we will delve into a richer class of models to deal with endogeneity, such as IV-regression, and 2SLS-regression. At this point, we will switch gears, and learn basic techniques of time-series data. All topics in the class will be analyzed in two contexts: theory and application. That is, after analyzing the theoretic properties of estimators, we will then apply them to real-life examples and data sets, with emphasis on both visualization and interpretation. The semester will conclude with group projects. Prerequisites ES211, ES212, MS110 or MS111, and MS151 or higher level statistics course.