Business Administration at Aquinas College

International Business Concentration

  • 15 credit hours
  • At least 9 credit hours must be completed at Aquinas College
  • Choose five (5) courses from the following, including one (1) required course (BS 456 or BS 313)

Approved internship with a company involved in international/global business will fulfill one course requirement (3 credits).


  • BS313/ES313 International Business (3) SSI, GP

    An introduction to international business theory and practice. The balance of trade, balance of payments, international business strategy options, and the various modes of conducting international trade are included.

  • BS315 Culture in International Business (3)

    Explores such complex elements as language and communication, cultural and pragmatic disparities of background, and other issues critical to successful international business relations.

  • BS316 International Marketing (3)

    Deals with the transaction activities occurring in the international marketplace. Other aspects of international marketing include international channels of distribution, trade promotion activities of governments and other agencies, practices related to foreign operations, licensing arrangements, and the environmental framework of international marketing organizations.

  • BS455 International Finance (3)

    Basic foreign exchange and stabilization procedures are discussed. Other subjects include methods for short- and long-term overseas corporate investing, financing exports and imports through appropriate international financial channels, and the role of the government in international financial markets. Prerequisite: BS305 or consent of instructor.

  • ES342 International Economics (3) SS1

    A study of the fundamental principles of international economic relations. Subjects covered include the economic basis for international specialization and trade, the economic gains from trade, trade policies, economic blocs, and the international financial system. Prerequisite: ES211, ES212.

  • BS456 Cases in International Business (3)

    A case analysis course dealing with various business problems encountered in an international setting. Case materials cover locational problems, investment financing, foreign union development, negotiating with foreign governments, servicing foreign markets, and the legal and tax consideration of foreign operations. Prerequisite: Open to juniors and seniors only.

  • BS490 Topical Issues (Variable)

    Based on both student and faculty interests, the department offers a series of courses dealing with topical issues. Consult current class schedule for listing.