Business Administration at Aquinas College

Marketing Concentration within Business Majors

Concentration Requirements: Fifteen (15) semester hours.

  • Business majors may declare either the marketing concentration or the marketing minor, but not both.
  • A GPA of 2.0 must be maintained.
  • Only courses with a grade of C- or better will count.
Choose four (4) courses from the following:
BS311 Advertising 3.0
BS316 International Marketing 3.0
BS342 Digital Marketing 3.0
BS357 Public Relations (WI) 3.0
BS360 Consumer Behavior 3.0
BS414 Supply Chain Management 3.0
BS415 Sales Management 3.0
ES311 Intermediate Microeconomics 3.0
Choose one (1) course from the following:
BS442 Cases in Marketing Management 3.0
BS483 Marketing Strategy 3.0



  • BS311 Advertising (3) S11

    Examines the role of advertising in marketing strategy, with a secondary emphasis on specific skills and techniques involved in the advertising process. Prerequisite: BS202. Open to juniors and seniors only. This course is not accepted for the Social Science Distribution requirement.

  • BS316 International Marketing (3)

    Deals with the transaction activities occurring in the international marketplace. Other aspects of international marketing include international channels of distribution, trade promotion activities of governments and other agencies, practices related to foreign operations, licensing arrangements, and the environmental framework of international marketing organizations.

  • BS342 Digital Marketing (3)

    This course provides a theoretical and practical foundation to understand how digital platforms have become part of a marketing strategy. Consequently, connecting this technologies to the Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). Prerequisites : BS202, recommended BS311.

  • BS357 Public Relations (3) SSI, WI

    A comprehensive study of the role of public relations in contemporary organizations. Topics include planning issues, international public relations, specialty applications, and product publicity. Critical examination of public relations techniques and ethical issues occurs throughout the course. Prerequisite: BS202. Open to juniors and seniors only.

  • BS360/PG360 Consumer Behavior (3)

    Analysis of the complex process of buying behavior through systematic development of a behavior model utilizing concepts from psychology, sociology, and social psychology. Prerequisites: BS202 or PG100. Sophomore status.

  • BS414 Supply Chain Management (3)

    Reviews the nature and organization of supply chain management, including all components involved in the movement of goods from source to end-user.Prerequisites: BS201, BS202

  • BS415 Sales Management (3)

    Deals with the functions and challenges facing managers in the sales area, including sales techniques, recruiting, selecting and training sales personnel, motivation, supervision, evaluation of sales personnel, compensation plans, and territory management.Prerequisites: BS201, BS202.

  • BS442 Cases in Marketing Management (3)

    An analysis of the development and implementation of effective marketing strategies through case studies, demonstrating the application of sound marketing principles in decision-making, management, and market forecasting. Prerequisites: BS201, BS202. Open to juniors and seniors only.

  • BS483 Marketing Strategy (3)

    This course develops an understanding of the organization’s market niche through a detailed examination of resource allocation as it affects competitive advantage. Multiple models guiding strategic choice are reviewed. Internal processes for the formulation, coordination, and application of strategy are studied. Realistic applications are then considered. Prerequisites: BS202, Junior or senior status.

  • ES311 Intermediate Microeconomics (3) SS1

    Study of the theoretical models used to understand the economic behavior of households and firms, the outcomes to be expected under different market structures, and market failures; introduction to ways of assessing the efficiency and justice of market systems. Prerequisite: ES211, ES212.