Dual Major & Internship Prepare Student for Career Success

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Megan Donovan 

Dual Major: Business Administration and Communication
Internship: Mill Steel

"It was all brand new," said Megan Donovan, '16, of her internship in the manufacturing environment of Mill Steel, a plant that distributes and processes flat-rolled steel products. This dual major in business administration and communication sought an internship that played to her strengths in accounting and business ethics, and took a chance on the well-reputed company. After a semester of a successful internship, Donovan now finds herself among the staff at Mill Steel.

"Megan was quite attentive and a good student," said Harwood Hoover, Jr. Ph.D., professor emeritus of business administration. In this introductory course on business ethics, Dr. Hoover utilizes Catholic Social Teaching, specifically John Paul II's Veritatis Splendor to explore the moral teachings of the church. He then applies these teachings to best business practices, and invites his students to decide for themselves their own moral compass and form their own ethics code for a fictional company. 

"There is a right and a wrong," said Dr. Hoover, but "not every student has to buy it."

This freedom allows Dr. Hoover's students to come to their own conclusions, and hopefully utlizes his lessons in ethics as they embark on their careers. Specifically, this crash course in ethics, framed by faith, is designed to assist students in forming their professional identites. 

"The class has been useful for Megan," said Dr. Hoover, who said he enjoyed having Donovan in class. Donovan noted that Dr. Hoover's class had been particularly interesting due to the professor's personality and ability to share personal stories. 

"He has been through a lot in his life," Donovan said. 

"I also like to give them optimism that moral businesses do succeed....because they do," said Dr. Hoover. The class was also foundational for Donovan, as she sought and internship at a successful, honest company that aligned with her own desire for an ethical business environment. 

Working with Associate Director of Career Services and Internship Coordinator Brigid Avery '01, Donovan discovered the internship opportunity at Mill Steel to begin working in their inside sales department. Recruited by People Development Director Debbie Shaffer and supervised by Corporate Development Manager Troy Mossel, Donovan learned quickly, receiving hands-on experience and becoming immersed in the culture. 

"[Interns] get a good experience of what it's like working in a manufacturing environment...a professional enviornment," said Mossel. With the desire for the team ethos, Mossel treats every experience as a learning opportunity. "[They're] not just here filling a seat....[they are] actively involved in the team," he said.

After serving in inside sales, Donovan had the opportunity to finish in the credit department, and impressed Mossel with her organizational and mathematics skills. 

"Megan has been doing a very good job," he said. 

At the end of her internship, she was thus offered a full-time position in the finance department, which she began in the beginning of May this year. "It all just kind of fell together," said Mossel, who happily welcomed Donovan to the team. 

Donovan was excited about her new role and the opportunity to join a culture that imparts both ethics and a team environment. "They are about the employees," said Donovan. After a succcessful internship that resulted in a lucrative job opportunity, Donovan suggests that other undergraduates, "go for it." She continued, "It gets you out there. Gives you experience that classrooms can't teach you."

With the help of a formative new class and the new AQ Advantage Center in coordinating the internship, Donovan can now reap the benefits of semesters of hard work.

"Kudos to Aquinas for preparing Megan for a role in a professional business environment," said Mossel.