Anthony Lamerato

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Anthony Lamerato graduated from Aquinas college in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and sports management. He was recently honored with on a spot in DBusiness magazine’s Detroit 30 under 30 list. This list honors the most successful and cutting edge executives in the Metro Detroit area. He currently works as the director of sales for the WXYZ channel 7 and WMYD channel 20 overseeing all sales of TV advertising. He and his team sell to many major business clients such as Chrysler, Ford and Sam Bernstein Law Firm. In an interview, Lamerato enthusiastically stated “you name it we sell it.” Lamerato is a perfect example of someone who values higher education and is able to use what he learned in college and through working to propel his career and make a difference in the business world.

Lamerato credits the class Sales Management 101 taught by Professor Felix Pereiro as a class at Aquinas that influenced his career choice greatly. He said the class was “fantastic and truly influenced [his] career down the road.” He also explained that the business professors at Aquinas are a cut above other schools because they are real life business people that have been in high level administrative positions. This means that they know the theory behind business and have the experience to help students become prepared for their life in the business world after graduation. Lamerato explained further that “there is no better teacher than someone who has been a CFO, CMO or a vice president of sales is priceless.” Lamerato’s praise of Aquinas’ excellent and experienced faculty is not something he holds alone. Nearly every alumni shares in this feeling as do the students of Aquinas College. Overall, Lamerato’s success story is one that inspires and encourages all students at Aquinas to pursue their dreams and apply themselves. Lamerato’s closing remarks on Aquinas sums this feeling up greatly, “It was a life changing experience.”