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Campaign Priority


Reinvigorating our campus

Aquinas College is a special place with a fascinating history and ambitious future.

Once an estate built by lumber baron Edward Lowe and his wife, Susan Blodgett Lowe, Aquinas boasts impressive architecture and two historic gardens. With over 107 wooded acres, the campus provides a park-like atmosphere well-known, loved, and enjoyed by neighbors, runners, and of course our students, staff, faculty and alumni. Many people come to campus just to have graduation or wedding photos taken in the historic garden designed by Ellen Biddle Shipman.

The college takes seriously its commitment to environmental stewardship and historic preservation, while daily advancing its educational compact. Aquinas feels a sense of obligation and dedication to preserve the integrity and elegance of our grounds. More than aesthetics, we believe that the natural beauty of the campus provides a sense of place and reflection to all. To that end, 
we are committed to creating and nurturing an environment that promotes teaching and learning indoors and outdoors. Beautifully maintained trails through our woods are well-lighted and include stately way-finding signs. Whether going to a science lab or learning about botany at Brookby Estate’s newly restored Chinese Garden, 
the awe of nature is everywhere, making our commitment to environmental stewardship, and historic preservation blend into 
our landscape of stellar education.

a student reading a book outside on campus
overhead view of residence halls on campus
two students walking on campus
overhead view of Fulton St. entrance

Campaign Improvements Include:

  • Your investment will ensure our campus remains beautiful, functional, and responsible for generations to come.
  • Utilize responsible approaches to restore our historical buildings and natural surroundings.
  • Consolidate smaller parking lots into larger lots on the perimeter of the campus.
  • Create more learner-centered indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • Enhance pedestrian navigation and safety in and around campus.

Other Campaign Priorities

  • Science is one of the ways we pursue truth at Aquinas College. In doing so, we prepare students for key roles in medicine, life sciences, research…


  • Our contribution as a college begins and ends with our students. We search for young men and women of impact - who are willing to serve as they lead.


  • Technology touches almost every facet of our lives. As a college, we’re committed to forming students who are not only technologically adept, but focused…



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