Catholic Studies at Aquinas College

Alumni Profiles

"Of all the great classes I took at Aquinas, it was two Senior level Catholic Studies courses that impacted me the most. These classes not only taught me how to read and think on a collegiate level, but they also helped me better understand the Catholic worldview juxtaposed with many modern world views." - Paul Fahey '12 DRE at Most Holy Trinity Church, Fowler, MI

“As a direct result of the Catholic Studies program, I left Aquinas with a greater understanding of how to be a young Catholic and live with hope and love in today’s society amidst rampant secularism.” -Mary Carlson, ‘10

"A Catholic Studies Minor was the ideal fit with my Theology Major and Community Leadership Major. Using what I have learned with Catholic Studies will only further my leadership in the community or parish setting." -Makenzie Conner '16