Catholic Studies at Aquinas College

Catholic Studies Minor

>Two-Year Rotation of Courses
*Two year course rotations are not binding and are subject to change

Minor Requirements: Fifteen (15) semester hours.

  • At least twelve (12) semester hours must be taken at Aquinas, Itaty study away, or Poland study away.
  • Only courses with a grade of C- or better will count toward the minor.

One (1) Course from each discipline: 

Art and Music:

  • AT/CA245 Renaissance Art in Rome, Florence, & Veni
  • AT/CA380 Rembrandt & the Baroque
  • MCHL/TY306 Music in Liturgical Celebration


  • HY/CA277 History of Christianity
  • HY/CA311 American Catholic History
  • HY/CA325 Christian View of History


  • EH/CA260 Catholic Writers
  • CA200 Tolkien's Middle Earth & Catholic Imagination


  • PH220 Medieval Philosophy
  • PC/CA248 Catholic Intellectual Tradition
  • CA210 Math and Theology


  • TY/CA147 The Catholic Vision
  • TY/CA212 Vatican II
  • TY/CA255 Catholic Social Teaching
  • TY345 Church and Spirt

A minor may also be completed by participating in the Study Away Programs below:

Rome, Italy:

  • ART250 Art & Architecture of Rome
  • HUM204 Humanities IV" Approaches to the Eternal
  • ENG217 Poetics
  • Philosophy Elective from list above (taken at AQ)
  • THEO220 Aquinas on Virtuous LIfe
    • THEO 200/210/240 also accepted

Krakow, Poland

  • ART303 The Most Significant Works of Art in Krakow
  • HIST303 The Most Significant Work fo Arti n the Krakow History
  • Literature Elective from list above (taken at AQ)
  • PH310/PSYC415 Personalist Psychology of Karol Wojityla/Jhn Paul II
  • THEO300 Karol Wojtyla and Vatican II




  • AT275/CA275 Renaissance Art in Rome, Florence, and Venice (3) AT

    Course offered fall of even years An investigation of the masters and monuments from 1250–1550. Emphasis is placed on Italy culminating in a study of Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael and their legacy; however, Northern masters and styles will be introduced.

  • AT380 Rembrandt and the Baroque (3) AT

    Course offered fall of odd years. A study of the artistic styles and cultural centers of European painting, sculpture and architecture of the 17th and 18th centuries. Emphasis will be placed on the development and legacy of leading masters such as Rembrandt, Rubens, Bernini and Caravaggio.

  • MCHL306 Music in Liturgical Celebration (3)

    Integrated study of music and liturgy; historical, theological study of basic liturgy and function of music in liturgy; musician’s role in a parish.

  • HY277/CA277 History of Christianity (3) HP

    An investigation of the history of the Christian Church from its origins in the first century to modern times. The class focuses on the Western Catholic Church in the ancient, medieval, and early modern periods.

  • HY311/CA311 American Catholic History (3)

    Development of the Catholic Church from immigrant status to major denomination within the pluralist context of American society.

  • CA325/HY325 Christian View of History (3)

    This course is a cultural history of Christendom, with a particular emphasis on Catholic culture and Christian historiography.

  • EH260/CA260 Catholic Writers (3) AT

    This course explores fiction written by Catholic writers and analyzes and discusses how their faith manifests itself in their novels and short stories.

  • CA200 Tolkien’s Middle Earth and the Catholic Imagination (3)

    The analysis of J.R.R. Tolkien’s imaginative world, Middle-earth, from the perspective of a Catholic worldview and his concept of mythopoeia. This course is a Catholic Studies and Theology elective.

  • TY147/CA147 The Catholic Vision (3) TF

    An introductory course in the Roman Catholic tradition, its worldview, beliefs, sacraments and moral life.

  • TY212 Vatican II (3)

    Examines major documents and themes of the Second Vatican Council in the context of the Catholic theological tradition.

  • TY255/CA255 Catholic Social Teaching (3) TF

    The official social doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. The primacy of the person, human rights, the common good, family, natural law, meaningful work, just war.

  • TY345 Ecclesiology (3)

    An introduction to ecclesiology, the study of the church. Features extensive biblical foundations and historical developments, culminating in the documents of Vatican II. This course is not accepted for the Theological Foundation requirement.