Chemistry at Aquinas College

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of chemistry and its major sub-disciplines.
  2. Students will propose and carry out a chemical research project.
  3. Students will communicate chemical concepts appropriately to a variety of audiences. 

Mission Statement of the Chemistry Program

The mission of the Chemistry Department at Aquinas College is to provide students with knowledge of chemistry befitting their goals: for the general education students that they become literate in basic chemistry; and for the science major students that they possess the knowledge and skills necessary for them to succeed in their post-baccalaureate careers.

The American Chemical Society guidelines for professional training are the basis for the chemistry curriculum. Courses in general, inorganic, organic, analytical and physical chemistry form the framework of the program. In addition, courses in biochemistry, environmental chemistry, and advanced topics are offered regularly.

Students are expected to attend lectures, participate in laboratory work and become involved in research.