Communication at Aquinas College
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Although everyone is born with the means to communicate, communication ability, like any talent, must be developed. The communication curriculum at Aquinas was designed with that in mind.


Classes demand thoughtful inquiry, critical thinking, problem solving skills and active participation. Communication is one of the fastest growing disciplines at Aquinas.


Communication majors learn skills that employers seek in classes and internships. Our communication graduates hold leadership positions in healthcare, law, the arts, education, and the non-profit sector.


Four distinct communication major tracks are offered and tailored to career objectives, including a Business Administration and Communication Dual Major and the major can be completed just at night.

*The statistics below are based out of approximately 100 students who participated in the survey.

  • 57%
    of the graduates have pursued graduate study
  • 96%
    of the graduates who completed or are currently enrolled in graduate study believe their communication background prepared them for graduate study.
  • 88%
    of the graduates feel they received above-average preparation for the workforce from their communication-related program.
  • 96%
    of our graduates rated the communication-faculty teaching effectiveness as “above average”
  • 89%
    of our graduates found employment within one year after graduation
  • “I loved the Communication program! My academic adviser was phenomenal -helping me choose classes, providing advice about extracurriculars and my career path, and just being supportive in general. I enjoyed all of the classes I took for my major."
  • “So many students would benefit from going through communication classes. My communication minor helped me build interpersonal skills and prepared me for realistic public speaking and presenting opportunities. The experience was invaluable.”
  • “The coursework was challenging but very rewarding. The communication professors are invested in their students; they didn’t just care about my academics, they cared about me as a person.”