Anne Walsh

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Anne Walsh graduated from Aquinas in 1999 with a bachelor’s degree in communication. After Aquinas, Anne had a wide variety of work experience. This included an internship at a Detroit based radio station, working for the alumni department at Aquinas, working for a cancer charity called Coast to Coast, and working in advertising. She found her calling in advertising, working for advertising agencies with big name clients such as General Motors and Samsung. She learned the business of advertising nearly in its entirety, working her way up from an entry level position to a high level advertising director. All of this collective advertising experience led to her current position at Facebook as an advertising representative that works with General Motors. In this position, she helps GM plan and create effective and targeted advertising as well as helping determine where best to place the ads online. When asked what she likes about her position, Anne stated, “Facebook is a cutting edge company all about connecting the world and bring communities together. It is amazing to be apart of something like that.” Anne is clearly an extremely dedicated person that has nothing but success in her sights. She has a quick witted way of speaking that seems exactly like what an advertising expert would need in order to be successful. Anne’s career is a fascinating look into how social media and advertising are becoming more and more valuable fields of work in the increasingly more digital world.

Anne had some simple yet universally applicable words about Aquinas, “It was an amazing place to be able to learn and grow.” She explained that the communication department was a community of support and guidance. She credits Dave Weinandy, a professor in the communications department as one of her favorite teachers of all time. She especially loved Daves passion and genuine interest for the wellbeing and success of the students at Aquinas. Additionally, she cited a study abroad trip to Ireland as an extremely memorable trip that gave her new a new more worldly perspective. Anne praised the Catholic roots, smaller size, and location in Grand Rapids as reasons why Aquinas stands out amongst other schools. Anne is a huge proponent of following passion. In an interview, She stated. “It’s ok if you don’t know exactly what you will do after you graduate, you will be able to change and grow in your career along the way.” Anne is the person that we all know that beams so much positivity and success that it seeps into our own lives.