Community Leadership at Aquinas College

Student Learning Outcomes

Program Mission

The Community Leadership major and minor at Aquinas College are interdisciplinary academic programs that encourage students to become more deeply engaged in the community and consider careers that require social problem solving. The major and minor each require extensive practice in public and non-profit organizations that address suffering, injustice and inequality. This scaffolded, experiential learning program includes interdisciplinary perspectives and coursework in social justice, sustainability, basic human needs, and on a variety of community sectors. The goal of the program is to support student learning so that students develop an understanding of the complexity of social problems and gain the operational and analytical skills needed to create social change for the public good.


  • Students will develop a deeper understanding of their role and responsibility as community members by studying community strengths, assets, problems, and needs.
  • Students will become effective, active participants in the communities they are a part of by discussing, visiting, and working with specific community sectors (e.g., healthcare, government, education, non-profits) emphasizing social justice (redistributing resources to those in need and ending oppression and domination in all institutions), sustainability (improving the environment, equity, and economy) and basic human needs (access to food, clothing, shelter, education, employment, healthcare, transportation, and an unpolluted environment).
  • Students will meet, network with, and be mentored by several community members and community leaders who work towards social justice using multiple methods (e.g., direct action, legislative, social entrepreneurship, policy, social advocacy, activism, mutual aid, direct service, social work).