General Education Courses

CD100 Career and Self Awareness CD (1)

Theoretical and practice study that assists students with identifying their skills, interests, abilities, goals, and values as they relate to careers. With this information, students explore career fields and academic disciplines that may be a good fit. Students will write a resume, learn interview techniques, and discuss explore employment trends and personal branding tools and plan for internships and/or study abroad opportunities. Must be taken during the first year.

CD210 Life and Career Planning (3)

This course is specifically designed for returning adults who want a theoretical and practical study of the career planning process applied to their interests, abilities, goals, academic discipline, and fields of interest. Focus is on self- assessment, development of a career and life plan, and creation of a resume, cover letter, and portfolio. Students will participate in a mock interview and become familiar with current employment trends and organizational environments.

CD250 Work, Leadership, and Purpose (3)

A close examination of the role of work and its connection to positive psychology, leadership and deeper purpose. Core values, personal interests, and individual talents will be explored through the lens of organizational leadership and career exploration. 

CD310 Special Topics (3)

Based on both student and career and leadership trends, the department offers a series of courses dealing with topical issues

CD401 Decision Making and Implementation (3)

This course is designed to assist students in making the transition from college to the world-of-work, service, self-employment or graduate school. Students will prepare an individualized career action plan which will include setting goals, finalizing career options, research employment/graduate school opportunities, networking, resume and cover letter writing, portfolio development, interviewing, budgeting, and professional etiquette. This course should be taken late junior/early senior year.

FE397 Internships (3–12)

Internships offer students the opportunity to integrate academic reflection with a career and real world work environment. Internships are available to all related majors and minors with approval of the department or may be taken for general elective credit. All internships must be approved through the career and counseling services office. (For more specific details refer to page 113.)

GE100 First Year Experience: College in the 21st Century (1)

An introduction to the liberal arts designed to provide students with tools tomake sense of their college experience and to be successful students.  It does this by cultivating an understanding of the evolving role of higher education in society and providing an opportunity to think about the nature of learning and practice the tools of learning  (such  as reading, writing, studying,  and reflecting).

GE101 Inquiry and Expression (3)

An integrated collegiate skills course that introduces students to academic discourse, including writing, reading, research, oral communication, and critical thinking. Library and electronic research skills are directly applied as students conclude the course with a research paper. Students must successfully complete this course with a minimum of a C- or better in order to take GE 201

GE203 Question Everything: Research as Inquiry (1)

A required one credit course for second-year students which focuses on intermediate research skills. The purpose of this class is to develop students’ abilities to critically think about and effectively use information in their college coursework and beyond. Students must successfully complete this course with a minimum of a C– . 

GE210 Aquinas Global Seminar (1)

The class provides an orientation to study-away programs for Aquinas students participating in international experiential learning opportunities. In addition to equipping with resources to successfully engage the study away experience, the class offers the student a structured opportunity to reflect on the significance of the experience and how it fits I their professional and personal growth. 

GE401 Interdisciplinary Senior Capstone (3) SC

The study of selected major monuments in literature,  art, music,  and film from the turn of the 21st century  to the present (other disciplines  such  as psychology, philosophy, etc. could be included depending on the interests and expertise of the instructor).  This course also requires an advanced undergraduate level project that incorporates research, writing, and presentation components.

HS201 Humanities (3)

A study of the development of cultures and civilizations from ancient Egypt through the Middle Ages with selected works of literature, art, philosophy, and history. Attention to ideas and values as they emerge throughout the Western World. Students must successfully complete this course with a minimum of a C– or better

HS202 Humanities (3)

A study of the development of cultures and civilizations from the Renaissancethrough the end of the 19th century with selected works of literature, art, music, and history. Attention to ideas and values as they emerge throughout the Western World. Students must successfully complete this course with a minimum of a C– or better. Prerequisite: GE201.

SD101 Achieving Academic Success (1)

The focus for this class is for students to recognize their responsibilities as a student, to successfully assimilate into the college community, to discover their own learning preferences and how to utilize their learning style; acquire, practice, and integrate time management, goal setting, reading and memory strategies; discover study  strategies and test-taking techniques; and to learn how to maintain physical and mental health in the college environment