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Japanese at Aquinas College

Japanese Courses

WL101 First Semester Japanese (4)

Introduction to listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, and the culture of Japan. Prerequisite: None

WL102 Second Semester Japanese (4)

Continuation of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Further exposure to the culture of Japan. Prerequisite: C- or higher in JE 101 or equivalent.

WL201 Third semester Japanese (4)

Expansion of the four language skills and cultural knowledge at an intermediate level. Prerequisite: C or higher in JE 102 or equivalent

WL202 Fourth Semester Japanese (4)

Further expansion of the four language skills and cultural knowledge at an intermediate level. Prerequisite: C or higher JE 201 or equivalent.

WL301: Fifth Semester Japanese

Conversation, advanced grammar, and writing of Kanji. Students read stories in Japanese and write shore letters and compositions. Course currently not offered and replaced by equivalent transfer credits. Prerequisite: C or higher in JE202 or equivalent

WL302: Sixth Semester Japanese

Conversation emphasizing “honorific” expressions in business settings and cross-cultural communication. Continued learning of Kanji for reading and writing. Course currently not offered and replaced by equivalent transfer credits. Prerequisite: C or higher in JE301 or equivalent.

WL398 Advanced Readings in Japanese (Variable)

Individually negotiated program of readings on selected topics established by contract between instructor and student. Contracts are filed with the Registrar. Prerequisite: Approval of the department chairperson.

WL499 Study Abroad (Variable)

Prerequisite: A Japanese minor