Psychology at Aquinas College

Psychology Courses

PG100 Introductory Psychology (3) SS1/SS2

Psychology as the science of human behavior and experiences; related areas of human functioning; focus on human research; theory and research methods, biological basis of behavior, human development, cognition, motivation, emotion, sensation, perception, personality and abnormal behavior.

PG120 Introduction to the Child Life Specialty (3) SS1/SS2

The purpose of this course is to provide a basic background and knowledge of Child Life practices. The content of this course is designed to create a foundation of knowledge, both academically and practically, in the required core competencies of the nationally recognized Child Life certification. Topics covered include Child Life theoretical foundations, assessment, preparation, play, coping, the therapeutic relationship, family-centered care, documentation, grief and loss, and the role of Child Life within the interdisciplinary medical team. Attention is given to understanding children and teens in the context of their development as it relates to interventions in medical settings.

PG151/CN151/SY151 Statistics for Social Sciences

Students will study descriptive and inferential statistics and how they are both important in analysis of different types of research involving human participants. Emphasis will be on statistical concepts and how they are applied in the Social Sciences. Using SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences), a widely-used software in the Social Sciences, students will learn how to select and utilize appropriate statistical tests to analyze datasets. The overall goals are to increase understanding of the importance of statistics in the scientific method, specifically research design and analysis, and to enhance critical thinking skills.

PG201/SY201 Social Psychology (3) SS1/SS2

This course critically examines the relationship between individuals and their social environment including how individuals are influenced by, yet also shape groups and organizations. Social psychological questions, issues, and social problems are explored with theories from both disciplines - Psychology and Sociology. Prerequisite: SY101 or PG100.

PG202/SY202 Research Methods (4) SS1/SS2

This course is an introduction to the research process: scientific method, basic nature of research, analysis of major research designs used in lab, field, and natural environment; how to write a research proposal, conduct an experiment, write a research report; lecture and lab. Prerequisite: PG100 or SY101 and SY/CN/PG 151 or equivalent. This course is not accepted for the Social Science General Education requirement.

PG203 Thinking and Writing in Psychology (3) SS1/SS2, WI

Introduction to thinking, writing, and career options in psychology and related fields. Serves as an orientation to the psychology major. Emphasizes academic skills such as critical thinking in the field of psychology, writing in the APA style, effective communication, and making logical arguments. Provides resources and tools effectively to use a psychology degree. Prerequisite: PG100. 

PG208 Child & Adolescent Development (3) SS1/SS2

Introduction to processes of human development from a lifespan perspective; focus on conception through adolescence; basic theories and research related to normal patterns of physical, cognitive, personality and social development. Prerequisite: PG100.

PG209 Early & Middle Adult Development (3) SS1/SS2

Continuation of human development sequence from a lifespan perspective; focus on emerging and young adults through midlife. Theory and research on the tasks and transitions of adulthood, including the impact of factors such as socio-cultural context, gender, identity and self-concept, marriage and family, career, stress, and adjustment. Prerequisite: PG100.

PG210 Late Adult Development & Aging (3) SS1/SS2

Continuation of human development sequence from a lifespan perspective; focus on young adulthood through old age and death. Theories, research, and myths related to stability and change in physical, cognitive, personality, and sociocultural aspects of adulthood. Prerequisite: PG100.

PG211 Psychology of Women (3) SS1/SS2

This course presents concepts, theories, and issues surrounding the psychology of women. Theory and research focused on gender differences will be reviewed and discussed. Current issues including violence against women, sexual assault on college campuses, feminist approaches to therapy, workplace issues experienced by women, and family and relationship issues will also be explored.

PG234 Death and Dying (3) SS1/SS2

Attitudes and rituals relating to death in different societies; psychological, philosophical, medical, and religious questions that surround the event of death for the dying person and family. Prerequisite: PG100.

PG303 Psychology of Personality (3) SS1/SS2, WI

Analysis of various classic and contemporary theories of human personality. Prerequisite: PG100

PG305 Cognitive Psychology (3) SS1/SS2

Theory and research investigating phenomena of learning and memory in humans and animals. Behavioral, neurophysiological, and information processing models are reviewed. Lecture and lab. Prerequisite: PG100.

PG307 Human Motivation & Emotion (3) SS1/SS2

Scientific investigation of basic and learned human needs, drives, and motives. Physiological correlates of motivated behavior. Behavioral and cognitive theories of motivation and emotion. Prerequisite: PG100.

PG309 Abnormal Psychology (3) SS1/SS2

Etiology, diagnosis, and treatment of emotional disorders. Emphasis on anxiety disorders, depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Prerequisite: PG100.

PG321/BS321 Industrial Psychology (3) SS1/SS2

Study of human behavior in production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. Prerequisites: PG100 or BS201, and MS151 or equivalent.

PG324/BY324 Neuroscience (4) SS1/SS2

Topics include neuron functioning (action potential production including the behavior of receptors, ion channels and neurotransmitters), synaptic transmission, sensory and motor systems, the neurobiological perspective of learning and memory, drugs and the brain, sex and the brain. Both invertebrate and vertebrate systems discussed. Three (3) hours lecture, three (3) hours lab. Prerequisites: minimum grade of C- in BY150 or BY171 and sophomore status. Offered even-numbered springs.

PG330 Family Violence (3)

Presents information about forms of violence experienced in the context of intimate relationships and/or family. Different types of IPV, child abuse, and family violence will be explored with a focus on the latest statistics, research, legal ramifications, and intervention supports available. 

PG348 Counseling Psychology (3) SS1/SS2

Counseling is a profession predicated on centuries of work on the nature of personality, human development, interpersonal relations, mental health issues, and human adjustment. Professional counselors’ work encompasses a wide range of settings, issues, populations, and goals. Thus, this course, while not intended as professional training, presents the theoretical and research bases for various approaches, techniques, and objectives relevant to counseling. Prerequisites: PG100.

PG352 Psychological Assessment (3) SS1/SS2

Theoretical and statistical foundations, including tests of intelligence, special abilities, achievement, personality, interests, attitudes and projective techniques (lecture and lab). Prerequisite: PG100 and MS151.

PG355/BS355 Organizational Behavior (3) SS1/SS2

Central topics of management behavior: organizational structure and behavior, informal organization, behavior modification and group dynamics. Prerequisite: PG100 or BS201.

PG360/BS360 Consumer Behavior (3) SS1/SS2

Analysis of the complex process of buying behavior through systematic development of a behavior model, utilizing concepts from psychology, sociology and social psychology. Prerequisite: PG100 or BS202.

PG370/KN370 Psychology of Sport and Injury (3)

The course examines the psychological aspects of sport and sport injury and helps one gain a clearer understanding of how principles of psychology and sociology play a role in: motivation, performance, and the response to injury and rehabilitation. 

PG372/BS372 Training and Development (3) SS1/SS2

Review of techniques to determine training needs to develop appropriate programs, to select methods of presenting these programs and to evaluate program effectiveness. Prerequisite: BS201 or PG100.

PG380 Lifespan Development for Health Sciences (3) SS1/SS2

Overview of developmental psychology theories and concepts within a lifespan perspective and with health care applications. Specifically designed for students in the Nursing program. Psychology majors and minors cannot count PG380 credit if PG208 is counted. Prerequisites: PG100 and permission of instructor.

PG391 Seminar in Psychology (Variable) SS1/SS2

Specialized courses in theory, research, or professional practice and/or new course content on trial basis. Subject to faculty availability; faculty and students can request offerings. Syllabus for each seminar on file. Prerequisites: determined by content.

PG399 Independent Project (Variable) SS1/SS2

Individually-negotiated project of defined nature established by contract between instructor and student. Contracts filed with Registrar. Prerequisite: approval of the department chairperson.

PG400 Play Therapy (3) SS1/SS2

This course is an introduction to the basic history, theory, rationale, and concepts of child-centered play therapy (CCPT). Students will learn the conceptual framework of child-centered play therapy, as well as the skills necessary to establish and maintain factilitative relationships with children that encourage their self-expression and facilitate change. Different theoretical approaches and techniques will be explored.

PG402 Advanced Research Proposal Seminar (1) SS1/SS2

Development of a collaborative research project proposal, in preparation for data collection, analysis, and research poster and research manuscript write-up for PG403. Application of content knowledge and research skills to a literature review paper, Institution Review Board Protocol, oral research proposal presentation, and written research proposal. Seminar will include discussions of issues related to research, graduate studies, professional/ethical standards, and careers in psychology and related fields. Prerequisite: PG202; permission of instructor. Should be taken fall of senior year.

PG403 Advanced Research Methods (3) SS1/SS2, SC

Psychology major capstone course in which students conduct a project implementing the research proposal developed in PG402. Application of abilities in scientific design, analysis, interpretation, and reporting. Formal paper and oral presentation required at the conclusion of the project. Prerequisite: PG402; psychology majors. Should be taken spring of senior year.

PG404 Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling SS1/SS2

This course introduces students to the characteristics, roles, and functions of professionals involved with therapy with special attention to legal, ethical, and professional issues. The course provides a comprehensive overview of programs and services in helping professions. Emphasis will be on understanding professional and ethical standards of the ACA and the AMHCA and ethical decision making models to prepare students to manage effectively ethical dilemmas.

PG406 Sensation and Perception (3) SS1/SS2

A review of sensory and perceptual systems together with a discussion of theories of perception. Emphasis on vision. Lecture and lab. Prerequisites: BY150 and PG202.

PG416 Marriage, Family and Couples Counseling SS1/SS2

This course provides an examination of various theories and models of intervention within families, with strong emphasis on systems theory. Students are expected to develop family treatment plans and to demonstrate them in simulated family systems such as families facing a medical crisis.

PG450 Senior Practicum (Variable) SS1/SS2

Work placement in which student performs duties of a psychological nature under supervision of a practicing professional. Prerequisite: Psychology major, senior status, department approval.

PG456: Psychology Apprenticeship (variable) SS1/SS2

This is a semester long apprenticeship course that offers psychology majors additional research and discipline specific experience. This course allows students the opportunity to further develop their expertise in the methods and skills of psychological science and to provide further experience working in a research arena. Apprenticeships are about gaining valuable experience and skills in psychological research. Students will get firsthand experience of carrying out research - from literature searching through experimental design and data collection to analysis. Apprentices will work as part of a small group under the mentorship of a faculty member working on the research project assigned by instructor. The course will be very valuable experience for students who are planning to go for graduate programs. Prerequisites: PG202