Theatre at Aquinas College

Theatre Courses

TE100 Introduction to Theatre (3) AT

Introduces theatre as an art form, exploring the collaboration process involved with playwrights, directors, actors, designers, technicians and the development by which the text is transformed to the stage. Includes attendance at theatre productions both on and off campus. Does not count towards the Theatre major.

TE123 Introduction to Musical Theatre (3)

Exploration of the elements of American musical theatre. History, relevance to the theatre movement, and the collaboration process of playwrights, composers, lyricists, directors, choreographers, conductors, actors, designers and technicians are introduced. 

TE130 Introduction to Theatre Design (3)

Introduces the elements of design and interprets them theatrically: set, costume, and light design. Explores text interpretation and visual expression.

TE140 Improvisational Acting (3)

Artistic method of improvisation focusing on the individual and ensemble exploring spontaneity, group cohesion and trust, pantomime skills, characterization and performance. Both comedic and dramatic improvisation are explored.

TE141 Acting I (3)

Introduction to the technique of acting using theatre games, improvisation, text analysis, monologue and scene work, rehearsal etiquette and technique, and performance. Explores the release of tension and freeing the actor’s body and voice. Rehearsals outside of class are required. 

TE217/EH217 Dramatic Literature (3) AC

Study of the elements of drama through close readings of works from various ages and countries.

TE220 Contemporary World Theatre (3) AT. GP

A survey course of globally significant plays, movements, performances and perspectives on live performance, including monoloquists, directors, devising teams and theorists from around the world. This course will also emphasize how global works--both Western and non-Western--have influenced the art form in the US and elsewhere. Readings and videos will come from multi-cultural America, English-speaking, Latino and European countries as well as Japan, China, India, Iceland, and Africa.

TE223 Voice and Diction (2)

Speech theory and technique designed to improve a stage actor’s vocal quality which may include breath, production, articulation and phonetics. Prerequisite: TE141 or consent of instructor. 

TE230 Theatre for Social Change (3) AT

This course provides a survey of the types of theatrical approaches under this heading, including educational theatre and theatre for young audiences, performative techniques in social work and the public sector as well as the corporate sector, and the applied theatre with an emphasis on social justice. Students will be exposed to both practice and process type work in a variety of contexts, including marginalized groups, a variety of age demographics, prisons, institutions, and others. Students will also engage in praxis for building original work through ethnographic research and group devising. 

TE241 Acting II (3)

Deeper exploration into the technique of acting using method and non-method approaches to monologue and scene study. A more specific focus on vocal and physical awareness, character work, bold acting choices and genre. Rehearsal outside of class is required. Prerequisite: TE141 or consent of instructor.

TE242 Script Analysis (3)

Artistic approaches to analyzing and interpreting dramatic texts for the purposes of directors, actors and designers. Includes Aristotelian, structural, image-based, action-based and research-based modes of analysis.

TE244 Stage Directing I (3)

Introduction to the art of directing focusing on composition, picturization, audition, staging, dramatic rhythm and pace, rehearsal technique and leadership qualities. The course culminates with student directed ten-minute plays. Rehearsals outside of class are required. Prerequisite: TE242 or consent of instructor. 

TE250/MCEN250 Musical Theatre Workshop (2)

Exploring the actor/singer/dancer by concentrating on acting the song, vocal production, dance, musical theatre auditions, and performance. Rehearsals outside of class are required. Prerequisite: TE141, MCAP166 or consent of instructor. Can be repeated once as TE/MCEN350.

TE251 Stagecraft (3)

Exploration of various technical aspects of theatrical production which may include scenery and property construction (metalwork, painting and rigging), lighting and sound, costuming, and make-up. Scene shop laboratory hours may be required. 

TE253 Technical Theatre Practicum (1)

Participating in a Theatre Program mainstage production in stage management, lighting, sound, scenery, props, costuming, or make-up and completing the requirements set forth by the production’s technical director. Prerequisites: TE251 or consent of instructor.

TE254 Design Mentorship (1-3)

The shadowing of a design professional (set, lighting, costume, sound, props, stage management or technical direction) working on a mainstage production. The student may be called upon to assist the mentor in various capacities. Observations are recorded in a journal and checked by/discussed by the mentor. May be repeated with different subject areas or different mentors. Pre-req: TE130 or program chairperson permission.

TE278 Dance Sampler (3)

An introductory course covering several types of dance, including tap, jazz, modern and musical theatre. 

TE281 Ballet (2)

Introduction to ballet including body position, terms and beginning sequences designed to increase strength and flexibility.

TE282 Modern Dance (2)

Introduction to modern dance including free form techniques and exercises designed to increase strength and flexibility

TE283 Stage Movement (2)

Theatrical movement techniques designed to break physical habits, release tension, explore physical character, increase strength and flexibility, begin aerobic activity and may introduce classical styles. Prerequisite: TE141 or consent of instructor. 

TE310 Special Topics in Theatre (variable)

Offers focus on a specialized area in theatre when resources are available.

TE340 Acting III: Rotating Styles (3)

Acting technique open to explore major period styles and genres. Rehearsals outside of class are required. Prerequisites: TE141, TE241 or consent of instructor; can be repeated once

TE341 Acting Theatre Practicum (1)

Participating as an actor in a Theatre Program mainstage production and completing the requirements set forth by the production’s director. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor by audition. 

TE342 Audition Technique (2)

Exploring the professional theatre and film audition by focusing on material selection and preparation, appearance, impression, and headshot/resume techniques. Prerequisite: TE141 or consent of instructor. 

TE344 Stage Directing II (3)

Deeper study in the art of directing focusing on concept, classical and stylized theatre, musical theatre, and other genres. The course culminates with student directed scenes. Successful completion of this course allows the student to propose and, if chosen, direct the annual student laboratory production (see TE444). Rehearsals outside of class are required. Prerequisites: TE244 or consent of instructor. 

TE351 Technical Theatre (3)

Concentrative study on a rotating area of theatrical design or technical study, including set, costume, lighting or sound design, stage management, props design and construction, make-up design or technical direction. Scene shop hours may be required. May be repeated twice for credit. Prerequisite: TE251

TE352/EH352 Script Writing (3)

Writing scripts for the stage and/or screen and the study of the elements of script writing. Prerequisite: EH210 or consent of instructor.

TE361 Theatre History I (3)

Survey from Greek theatre to the closing of the theatres in Commonwealth England (1642). Designed to familiarize the student with various periods of theatre history, both the physical aspects and the genre of drama that evolved from each period. Readings of representative plays are required.

TE362 Theatre History II (3)

A continuation of TE361; from Restoration England (1660) through contemporary. Readings of representative plays are required.

TE384 Children’s Theatre (3)

Explores dramatic texts intended for child audiences. Introduction to performance techniques for YA audiences as well as to major contributors to the field of children’s theatre. Performances may be required. Prerequisite: TE141 or Consent of instructor

TE397 Theatre Internship (variable)

Opportunity for students to gain credit for a non-academic theatre experience. Prerequisite: Consent of theatre director. 

TE399 Independent Project in Theatre (variable)

Individually negotiated project in student’s area of interest established by contract with instructor. One semester hour is required for the theatre major designed to prepare students entering the theatre profession or graduate school. The project may focus on life in the theatre, portfolios, resumes, job search, audition material, agents, casting directors and the local and national theatre scene. Contracts are filed with the Registrar. Prerequisite: Consent of theatre director. 

TE400 Theatre Capstone Project (Variable) SC

This is the culmination of a student’s education demonstrated in a performative/creative project OR research project, developed in regular consultation with the Program Director
and/or a designated project advisor.

TE410/EH410 Shakespeare (3) SC

Introduction to the reading and study of Shakespearean tragedy, comedy and tragi-comedy. Prerequisite: EH221 or EH/TE217 with a grade of C or higher.

TE420 Theatre Management (3)

A seminar-based course in the leading and promotion of theatrical organizations, both for-profit and non-profit. Fundraising, visibility, and organizational structure and guidelines are discussed. Prerequisite: Junior or senior status.

TE440 Acting IV: Contemporary Scene Study (3)

A high-intensity studio acting course that serves as both a scene-study studio and as a survey of contemporary playwrights and dramatic literature. Up to 36 plays/playwrights are sampled from and assigned as scenes with rotating teams of partners for in class workshop and critique from both peers and the instructor. May be repeated once for credit. Pre-req: TE 241

TE444 Student Laboratory Production (1–3)

Annually, a student can be chosen through a proposal process to direct a laboratory production. The process will be mentored by a faculty member and students other than the director can participate based on audition or interest (actor, stage manager, designer, or producer).These productions are performed in the student theatre laboratory Prerequisite: consent of theatre director. 1 credit=50 hours; 2 credits=100 hours; 3 credits=150 hours of service. Can be repeated.

TE463 Individual Research in Theatre (3)

Thesis research in areas which may focus on theory, history, or styles; research in marketing and advertisement for a Theatre Program mainstage production or student laboratory production; serve as dramaturge for a Theatre Program mainstage production or student laboratory production; or project proposed by student. Requirements set by instructor. Prerequisite: Consent of Theatre Program Director.