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Theology at Aquinas College

Theology Courses

TY120 Sacraments (3) TF

An introduction to Sacramental Theology and Liturgy that explores the biblical, historical and liturgical aspects of the Church’s Sacraments.

TY131 Bible as Story (3) TF

A theological and literary introduction to the biblical story, from creation to apocalypse. Follows the great themes of the Bible, such as paradise, peoplehood, and the presence of God. Students will learn to interpret biblical stories, discover the images and themes that appear throughout the Christian Bible, and gain an appreciation of scripture as the root of Christian faith today.

TY140 Faith and Meaning (3) TF

Explores faith, worldview, and the meaning of life from a Christian perspective, guided by biblical readings and the writings of C.S. Lewis. Students will discover the connection between the biblical story and its language, theology, and distinctive Christian forms of life.

TY147/CA147 The Catholic Vision (3) TF

This course introduces students to Roman Catholic tradition and its faith, doctrines, theology, ritual, spirituality and moral life. Its goals include 1) acquainting students with the distinctive spirit of the Catholic vision and tradition as it relates to other Christian denominations and religious traditions; 2) helping students to recognize that Catholicism is a theological heritage that encompasses a rich tradition of persons, doctrines, ways of celebrating, moral living, praying and social justice; and 3) familiarizing students with the challenges that contemporary Catholicism faces in the Third Millennium.

TY150 A Vision for Catholic Youth Ministry (1)

An introduction to Catholic youth ministry as envisioned by church documents and in dialogue with contemporary theory and practice. Explores the historical context and present models, and introduces the leadership system of Renewing the Vision.

TY151 Leadership in the Parish Setting (1)

Explores effective leadership concepts in order to identify those most suitable for parish youth ministers, catechetical leaders and those teaching theology in Catholic schools. Students will learn methods of recruitment, training, and establishing a leadership system.

TY152 Youth Ministry Methods (1)

Explores the elements of program planning and volunteer management for the implementation of the vision of Catholic youth ministry.

TY154 Faith Growth (1)

The application of developmental psychology to faith formation for parish youth ministers, catechetical leaders and those teaching theology in Catholic schools. Also exposes students to social science data about the religious attitudes of young people in the U.S.

TY170 Wrestling with God (3) TF

Considers the question of God’s existence. Investigates the human capacity to know, love and speak intelligently about God. Examines arguments both for and against God’s existence and gives special consideration to the challenges suffering poses to faith. Explores the relationship between faith and reason, and science and religion. Evaluates the effect secularization has on religious belief and pays special attention to the challenges that a postmodern situation presents to traditional belief in God.

TY210 Theology of the Person (3) TF

Discussions and readings (biblical, classical, and contemporary) related to the topic of Christian Anthropology. Topics covered include: Creation; Being Human (imago Dei, free, relational, etc.); Sin; Grace; Death; Judgment; Heaven and Hell.

TY211 Jesus (3) TF

Explores the New Testament portraits of Jesus, including how the first Christian theologians re-interpreted Jewish scripture. Students will compare episodes in the Gospels and become aware of images of Christ in narrative, epistle and poetry. Also introduces the ‘historical Jesus’ debate and the cultural setting of the Jesus movement.

TY212 Vatican II (3)

Examines major documents and themes of the Second Vatican Council in the context of the Catholic theological tradition.

TY215 Introduction to Christian Spirituality (3) TF

Introduces students to contemporary spirituality grounded in the quaternion nature of the human person who is called to live in relationship with God, self, others and material creation. The course helps students understand spirituality as living in the presence of God and to appreciate how the major themes of the Christian spiritual tradition have concrete implications for responding to this gracious mystery.

TY224 Theology of Christian Marriage (3) TF

Explores the meaning of love, marriage, and human sexuality from a theological perspective. Aided by the insights from the psychological and social sciences, as well as ethical philosophy, this course seeks to comprehend an appropriately Christian vision of the meaning and purpose of human sexuality and love.

TY230 The Liturgical Year (3)

Historical, theological, and scriptural study of the seasons and feasts of the Liturgical Year; meaning of celebrating and living liturgical spirituality for contemporary persons.

TY240 Theology of Paul (3) TF

Probes the Apostle’s theology in its Jewish context. The course focuses upon the form of Paul’s letters, the different situations he addressed, his understanding of Jews and Gentiles together, his vision of Christ, and his interpretation of the Jewish Bible (the Old Testament).

TY250 Christian Morality (3) TF

An Introduction to Christian ethics or moral theology that, from the Catholic moral tradition, considers ethical sources, the meaning of the acting person, and selected sexual, bio-medical and social justice issues. Themes covered include: ethics in a post-modern world, faith and ethics, church authority, conscience, natural law, sin, virtue and making moral decisions.

TY255/CA255 Catholic Social Teaching (3) TF

The official social doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. The primacy of the person, human rights, the common good, family, natural law, meaningful work, just war.

TY267 Women and Spirituality (3)

This course explores the topic of spirituality focusing especially on women, approaching studies through readings, discussions, and class presentations on Scripture, Tradition, and Church history; the anthropology/sociology of gender relations; the lives of women mystics; the experience of women in selected works of literature; the experience of contemporary women, including guest speakers; and the experience of class participants. Class readings, presentations, and discussions regarding all of the above will aim to incorporate varying experiences of race, culture, and life stage development.

TY271 Judaism at the Time of Jesus (3)

An exploration of the diverse theology and literature of early Judaism. Includes an extended study of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Other foci include early Jewish biblical interpretation, the Old Testament Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, the so-called rewritten Bible, Jewish apocalyptic, the Jewish historian Josephus, and the Jewish philosopher Philo. Students will gain an appreciation of the Jesus movement in its native context and discover the Jewish roots of Christian theology.

TY275 World’s Living Religions (3)

Discussions and readings related to the great living religions of East and West with the purpose of helping students to learn about religions other than their own.

TY293 Christology (3)

An introduction to the Christian tradition’s understanding of Jesus as the Christ. After a brief review of the biblical data, this course considers the tradition’s reflection on Jesus of Nazareth as found in the early Christological councils and later theologians. 

MCHL/TY130 Music in Liturgical Celebration (3)

TY/MCHL306 Music in Liturgical Celebration (3)

Integrated study of music and liturgy; historical, theological study of basic liturgy and function of music in liturgy; musician’s role in a parish.

TY310 Special Topics in Theology (3)

Prerequisite: Theological Foundations Requirement or Instructor Approval

TY312 Liturgy and Ministry (3)

Development of skills in liturgical planning and liturgical ministries by guided experience, evaluation, readings, and discussion.

TY315 Eucharist: Source and Summit of Christian Life (3)

The Second Vatican Council teaches that the Eucharistic sacrifice is “the source and summit of Christian life” (Lumen Gentium, no. 11). The goal of this course is to see how the Eucharist had been the source and summit of the life of the early Church, and remains as the center of the Church today, and will continue to do so to the end of time.

TY320 Theologians of the Great Tradition (3)

A focused study of the work of a theologian or theologians of the Christian theological tradition. Prerequisite: a theology course or instructor approval. Credits may be earned under different titles. Offered as TF when instructor approves.

TY345 Church and Spirit (3)

This introduction to ecclesiology sets the church within the contemporary historical, sociological and theological context. Models of the church, how the church saw itself throughout various historical periods, its nature and mission as formulated in Vatican II, and challenges for the future are considered.

TY370 Theology of Ministry (3)

A biblical and historical examination of Christian ministry. Compares pre- and post-Vatican II Catholic ideas. Topics include lay and ordained ministry, gender issues and recent advances in faith formation.

TY377 Languages of the Bible (3) TF

Introduces students to biblical Hebrew and Greek vocabulary, verb systems, grammar and syntax. May include a brief introduction to biblical Aramaic.

TY397 Field Experience in Theology (Variable)

Approved career-related work experience in the Theology field, established by contract between Career Development, major advisor and student. Prerequisite: Approval of the department chairperson.

TY398 Readings in Theology (Variable)

Individually-negotiated program of readings on selected topic established by contract between instructor and student. Contracts filed with Registrar. Prerequisite: Approval of the department chairperson.

TY399 Independent Project (Variable)

Individually-negotiated project of defined nature established by contract between instructor and student. Contracts filed with Registrar. Prerequisite: Approval of the department chairperson.

TY400 Senior Seminar (Variable) (3) SC

A Senior level study of selected topics from Biblical, Doctrinal, Ecclesial, Moral, or Systematic Theology.