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Translation and Interpretation Courses

TI333: English/Spanish Medical Interpretation (3)

This course consists of investigating the theory, application and practice of English-Spanish and Spanish-English medical interpreting and translating. Throughout the course, students will practice and perfect sight translations, consecutive interpretations, and simultaneous interpretations in English- Spanish and Spanish-English. This course is primarily designed to assist students who are currently involved with the medical profession and students wishing to pursue a career related to medicine or interpreting and/or translating. Prerequisite: WL301 or equivalent.

TI334 Introduction to Spanish/English Community Interpreting (3)

This course consists of introducing students to the theory, application, and practice of English/Spanish and Spanish/English community interpreting. Throughout the course, students will practice and perfect sight translations, consecutive interpretations, and simultaneous interpretations in English/Spanish and Spanish/English. The translations and interpretations will primarily cover the fields of social services, schools, and other community-based settings. Legal and medical interpreting will also be discussed but will not be practiced in this course. This course is primarily designed to assist students who are interested in pursuing a career related to interpreting and/or translating as well as those who wish to improve their proficiency in written and oral Spanish. Prerequisite: WL301 and WL302.

TI405 Theory and Business of Translation (3)

Students from various language interests will explore and discuss theoretical approaches to translation, practical problems translators encounter, and prepare themselves for careers in translation. In addition, the course will be supplemented with distinguished professionals in the field of translation to discuss their own translations and experiences in translation. Prerequisite: WL202 or instructor approval.

TI415 French Translation: Concepts and Practice (3) SC

Introduction to methods, techniques, and problems involved in translating from French into English. Emphasis is on the practice of translating general materials with some consideration for the translation of specialized materials, such as subtitles. The course will also involve the discussion of translation problems, recognition of appropriate solutions, and the use of specific translation strategies in French to English translation. Prerequisite: WL301 or equivalent. Co-requisite TI405.

TI415 German Translation: Concepts and Practice (3) SC

This course introduces the basic concepts, techniques, and practices for written translations from German to English, and is specifically designed for the understanding of writings in the business and STEM fields. Attention is given to the specialized vocabulary, idioms, and sentence structure used in these areas. Translations of current topics (G>E) will develop students’ reading and comprehension skills, cultivate strategies and techniques to translate a variety of professional texts from different subject areas (with a focus on scientific, technical and business translations), and practice typical problems that a translator encounters when faced with texts related to various academic disciplines and business situations. Through hands-on practice and exercises, participants develop the fundamental analytical, cognitive, and linguistic skills that are essential for professional written as well as sight translations. Students will also learn how to use a variety of dictionaries, glossaries, and handbooks that are useful for translators, and discuss the practical application of translations as well as typical tasks that a translator faces today. Prerequisite: WL301 or equivalent. Co-requisite TI405.

TI415 Spanish Translation: Concepts and Practice (3) SC

In this course students will confront problematic grammatical and discursive issues, and analyze them in depth as they compare Spanish and English during translation tasks. The goal of this course is, therefore, to use translation to provide learners of Spanish with hands-on manipulation of grammatical, lexical, discursive, and cultural detail, so that they can improve their understanding of the Spanish language and appreciate the complexity and rigorous nature of professional translation. Prerequisite: WL301. Co-requisite WL405.

TI416 Translation Across Disciplines (3)

This is an advanced course in translation with a focus on medical, scientific and technical texts or literary texts. Students will deepen their knowledge of translation theory and will be trained to build and consolidate their skills in specialized translation. The course will, therefore, combine practical translation work with use of a range of methodologies and utilities for exploiting and managing language resources for the purposes of translation. The practical translation element will focus on written translation, into English, of technically complex texts; these may include extracts from scientific research papers, patents, technical instructions, brochures, clinical trials, and other popular scientific texts. Prerequisites: WL301 and TI405, recommended: TI415

TI495 Translation and Interpretation Practicum (3)

A full time (or equivalent part time) work assignment that provides the opportunity for the student to extend classroom learning through work experience in an appropriate setting. Prerequisites: TI333, TI334, TI415 or TI416.