Student Learning Outcomes

Data Analytics Student Learning Outcomes
Upon successfully completing a Data Analytics major, students have gained:

  1. a breadth and depth of mathematics and statistics skills necessary to apply high-level analytical thinking to data analysis problems
  2. an exposure to the basics of computer programming and analytics software use and, thus, the ability to quickly acquire technological know-how demanded on the job.
  3. a foundation in business vocabulary, practices, and conventions necessary for an appreciation of the culture in which they will likely be working.
  4. the change to practice data analytics techniques on real-world data sets and to compile a project portfolio to show potential employers

While the major would provide a foundation in advanced statistical techniques for analyzing data sets, the minor would equip students with a smaller amount of statistics terminology and techniques, an introduction to computer programming and spreadsheet usage and a look at data techniques in the context of other disciplines. Students with this minor would be in a position to contribute to data analysis solutions in the workplace, to provide insights that could lead to data-driven decisions, and possibly to attend a graduate program in analytics.