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Sustainability Events (on-campus)

Race to Zero Waste
Dates: February 3- March 1, 2020
The Race to Zero Waste (formerly known as the Great Guru Garbage Games) is a friendly competition of zero waste advocates fighting to prove that their building is THE zero waste champion to beat! There is both a student category and a faculty/staff category, with the champion in each category winning the traveling sustainability trophy.

"We All Live Here" Service Day
April 22, 2020
The clean up day brings together students, staff and faculty in celebration of Earth Day and Arbor Day. Crews of Aquinas community members will complete projects to honor our beautiful campus and take care of our earth. All Aquinas students, staff, faculty, and alumni are encouraged to participate during morning shifts, afternoon shifts, or both.

Off-Campus Events:


Sustainability News

Tip the Scale Waste Competition Winners
The final results of the Tip the Scale Waste Competition are in! Congratulations to Regina Hall on winning the competition this year. Regina won with a 47.56% diversion rate, while St. Joe's finished with 42.57%. Regina will hold the student travelling sustainability trophy until the next competition.  The winner of this fall's RA Eduction Challenge (and a RocketBook Notebook and solar charger) was Kelli Adrian! She completed an informative bulletin board in her residence hall with a creative Halloween theme. Thanks to all who participated.

Homecoming and Move-In Were Zero Waste Events!
Thanks to the help of dozens of volunteers, first year move-in and homecoming at AQ were zero waste events. Move-in wrapped up with 989.8 lbs of recycling, 38.6 lbs of compost, 38.2 lbs of comforter bag donations, and 65.4 lbs of trash. That computes to an impressive 94% diversion rate! Since 2014, that is our second highest move-in diversion rate. The homecoming zero waste effort was also successful, with a 94.12% diversion rate. Thanks again to our volunteers and extraordinary interns for making it happen.

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