Education at Aquinas College

Master in Education: Degree Requirements

Secondary Certification Required Coursework:

EN 130 Ed Teach (1 credit)
EN 501 Introduction to Education (3 credits)
EN 507 Human Growth and Schooling (3 credits)
EN 509 Foundations of Education (3 credits)
EN 592 Multicultural Issues in Education (3 credits)
EN 579 Inclusion I (3 credits)
EN 301 Introduction to Assessing Student Learning (3 credits)
EN 566 Classroom Management (3 credits)
EN 508 Curriculum for Secondary Teachers (3 credits)
EN 553 Methods of Secondary Education (3 credits)
EN 554 Content Area Literacy (3 credits)
Graduate education method elective (3 credits)
Graduate education method elective (3 credits)
EN 506 Applications of Learning Theory (3 credits)
EN 598 Directed Student Teaching, Secondary School (9 credits)
EN 510 Research Methods, Design, and Analysis (3 credits)
EN 511 Thesis: Data Collection (2 credit hours)
EN 512 Thesis: Data Analysis (2 credit hours)
EN 513 Thesis: Project Presentation (1 credit)

Once course work required for all majors/minors has been completed, graduate students can typically complete the M.Ed. program in a year and half if attending full-time. M.Ed. candidates must complete all degree requirements within five years of enrollment in their first graduate education course.

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