Education at Aquinas College

Bilingual Spanish Endorsement

Bilingual Spanish (YF)
Credits: 24 credit hours. At least 12 credits for the Bilingual Spanish minor must be taken at Aquinas College.
Certification/Endorsement Code: YF
Michigan Subject Areas Test Code: 70
AQ Program Contact Person: Dr. Briana Asmus
Programs: Minor - Elementary or Secondary
Department: School of Education
This endorsement is also available at the graduate level for certified teachers either alone or as part of the M.A.T. program. See the M.A.T. Bilingual Spanish Endorsement page for more information.
Bilingual Spanish Minor Required Courses
SH 305 Spanish-English Linguistics; Prereq: SH 302 or equivalent (3 credit hours)
SH 363 Latin America Culture & Civilization; Prereq: SH 301 or equivalent (3 credit hours)
EN 367 The Hispanic in the U.S.: Prereq: EN 201(3 credit hours)
EN 457 Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language; Prereq: EN 201(3 credit hours)
EN 459 Assessment & Evaluation in ESL: Prereq: EN 457 (3 credit hours)
EN 471 Theories of Bilingual Education & Bilingualism; Prereq: EN 457 (3 credit hours)
EN 476 Second Language Acquisition; Prereq: EN 457 (3 credit hours)
EN 494 Practicum in Teaching Bilingual Education; Prereq: All Bilingual courses (3 credit hours)