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Bilingual Spanish K-12 Minor

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Major/Minor Notifications: As MDE certification requirements are subject to change, consult the School of Education website or contact an education department advisor for the most current information on program completion and MDE certification requirements.

Minor requirements - twenty-four (24) semester hours:

  • At least twelve (12) semester hours of the Bilingual Spanish minor must be taken at Aquinas College. All students (even native speakers of Spanish) are required to take a Spanish proficiency exam prior to enrolling in the Bilingual Spanish program. Assessment of Spanish proficiency will be made in the Department of World Languages. Language coursework: requirements to be determined based on the assessment of Spanish proficiency.
  • Costs associated with required language proficiency exams will be the responsibility of the student.This applies to the following programs:
    • Education - Bilingual Spanish
    • Education - French
    • Education - German
    • Education - Spanish


  • WL305 Spanish-English Linguistics (3) SC

    This course is an introduction to the study of the different areas of the Spanish language: phonology, morphology and syntax, and its differences from English. Several aspects related to language variation, such as regional dialects, bilingualism and Spanish in the US will be discussed. Prerequisite: WL301. Recommended: WL302.

  • WL363 Latin-American Culture and Civilization (3)

    Study of political and social institutions, education, art, architecture, literature, and music from pre-Columbian period to present; contemporary problems and everyday life. Prerequisite: WL301 or equivalent.