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Biology minor for Education

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Biology minor requirements
Consult the Biology department for course and minor expectations. Students are encouraged to complete an Integrated Science major in conjunction with a Biology minor.


  • BY170 Introduction to Organisms (4) NL

    This course will introduce the evolutionary processes that shape variation within populations and generate species diversity. It will examine the diversity in organismal morphology, physiology, behavior and ecology, and describe the interactions between species and their environments. The overarching goal of the course is to illustrate fundamental concepts in evolution, ecology and diversity via examples of species adaptations and interactions. An additional goal is to develop critical analytical skills through case studies, interactive lab protocols, and hands-on observations of plant and animal specimens. Three (3) hours lecture, three (3) hours lab. Offered every fall. BY170L, weekly lab.

  • BY171 Introduction to Cells (Formerly BY160 Principles of Biology) (4)

    Introduction to the structure and function of cells, including basic chemistry, metabolism, mitosis, genetics, protein synthesis, and cell regulation. Three (3) hours lecture, three (3) hours lab. Offered every semester.