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Geography minor for Education

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Geography minor requirements:
Consult the Geography department for course and minor expectations. In addition, education students must complete EN450 and EN300 as method electives. Geography major/minor must be completed in conjunction with a Social Studies major.


  • GY101 Earth Environments (4) NL

    Natural elements of environment and effects on humans: seasons, radiation, wind, moisture, climate, as well as landforms resulting from running water, ice, gravity, marine activities, and tectonic processes. Three (3) hours lecture, two (2) hours lab (GY101L).

  • GY320 Cartography: Map Making and Interpretation (4)

    Cartographic design with emphasis on developing ability to communicate through maps and graphs; some computer graphics. Three (3) hours lecture, two (2) hours lab (GY320L). This course is not accepted for Social Science or Natural World General Education credit.

  • EN450/EN550 Methods in Social Studies (3)

    Offered spring semester. Appropriate education method elective for secondary candidates with a major or minor in history, political science, geography or economics. Strategy for organizing and teaching Social Studies in a creative, challenging, and compassionate manner. Prerequisite: EN201/EN501 or Michigan Teaching Certificate.

  • EN300/GY300 Geography in Education (3)

    Appropriate for secondary geography and social studies majors/minors; education method elective for elementary candidates. . Designed to assist elementary and secondary teachers in procuring, analyzing, and organizing geographic materials into meaningful units of work consistent with contemporary objectives of geography. Prerequisite: EN201/EN501 or Michigan Teaching Certificate, GY120.