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Education at Aquinas College

Language Arts Minor

PLEASE NOTE: Requirements for the Language Arts major and minor are currently under State review

Minor Requirements:

At least 15 credits of the Language Arts minor must be taken at Aquinas.

  • EH115 (AT)
  • EH230
  • EH/EN382
  • EH/EH388
  • EH/EN400
  • EN454
  • EN443
  • EN463


  • EH115 Understanding and Appreciating Literature (3) AC

    Students in this course will read a range of literature from the genres of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and drama. A diversity of authors and time periods will be explored through the literature, arranged thematically or according to genre. Students will be introduced to those key craft elements of each genre, which makes the genre effective and unique, so that they can become more insightful about literature. Ultimately, the primary goal for students in this course is to understand and appreciate literature and perhaps, along the way fall in love with the work of a poet, a playwright, and a fiction and creative nonfiction writer.

  • EH230 Grammar of Modern English (3)

    Analysis of the language through traditional, structural, and transformational grammar. This course is not accepted for General Education credit.

  • EN382/EH382 Teaching Children’s Literature (3)

    <p>Offered spring semester. Required for elementary reading minor. Not an education methods elective. This course presents a variety of literature and correlates texts with thought-provoking strategies to use in any classroom PreK-12. Topics include the principles of text selection to build community, ways to motivate learners, build content knowledge, nurture response, promote inquiry, and spur writing in an effort to promote lifelong literacy. Prerequisite: EN201/EN501 or Michigan Teaching Certificate. Field component: one (1) read aloud in a classroom (daytime)</p>

  • EN388/EH388 Teaching Young Adult Literature (3)

    Offered fall semester. Required for elementary and secondary reading minors. Not an education method elective. This course will introduce students to significant young adult authors and their books and will introduce them to strategies for teaching literature to middle and high school students. In addition, techniques and principles in the selection, evaluation, and promotion of young adult literature will be discussed. This is a course that secondary English majors should take, and it would be helpful if students have fulfilled their Literary Studies requirement (either EH221 or EH222) before taking the course. Prerequisite: EN201/EN501 or Michigan Teaching Certificate. Field component: eight (8) hours (daytime).

  • EN400/EH400/EN500 Teaching Writing (3) WI

    Offered fall semesters. This course introduces students to current theories about the teaching of writing, gives them practice as writers of expressive and expository writing, and provides them with practical strategies for teaching writing as a process in secondary classrooms. Prerequisite: EN201/501 or Michigan Teaching Certificate. Field Component: variable hours tutoring at a self-selected grade level.

  • EN454/EN554 Content Area Literacy (3)

    Offered fall and spring semesters. Required for secondary certification. Education method elective for elementary certification, particularly candidates interested in teaching middle school. This course is the study of literacy in content material across the curriculum for students in grades 6–12. Strategies are presented that enhance student comprehension while reading, writing, listening, speaking, viewing, and doing an activity within a discipline. There is a fieldwork component, working with secondary students who need assistance in literacy strategies. In addition, Common Core State Standards will be incorporated into the study of content area literacy. Prerequisite: EN201/501 or Michigan Teaching Certificate. Field component: fifteen (15) hours.

  • EN443/EN543 Literacy for the Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Learner (3)

    Offered fall and summer semesters. Required for language arts, learning disabilities, ESL and reading endorsements. Not an education method elective. This course is designed to present effective literacy instruction for linguistically, culturally, and socioeconomically diverse students. Topics explored will include matching students to books, academic vocabulary instruction, classroom management, and classroom learning environment. Students will work in a diverse classroom throughout the semester, observing for literacy practices and assisting students with reading and writing needs. Prerequisite: EN442/541. Field component: thirty (30) hours tutoring in school setting (daytime).

  • EN463/EN643 Reading Practicum (3)

    Offered fall and spring semesters. This practicum provides supervised on-site experience applying the teaching and learning strategies, assessments and interventions in the area of reading education within a classroom and school. The student will be supervised on-site by a reading teacher, coach or specialist. The practicum may not be done concurrently with the directed student teaching placement. Prerequisite: EN201/501 or Michigan Teaching Certificate, all reading requirements and/or instructor approval. Field component: 120 hours.