Education at Aquinas College

Reading - Secondary Endorsement

Reading - Secondary
Certification/Endorsement Code: BT
Michigan Subject Areas Test Code: 005
Programs: Secondary – Minor

A grade C or higher is required for all courses for Teacher Certification.

Reading Minor required courses (24 credit hours)

  • EN 444/520 Literacy I: Foundations 
  • EN 442/541 Literacy II: Assessment
  • EH/EN 388/588 Teaching Young Adult Literature 
  • EN 465/665 Co-Teaching & Collaboration(Incl II) 
  • EN 454/554 Content Area Literacy
  • EN 443/544 Literacy for Diverse Learners 
  • EN 463/643 Reading Internship 


  • EH388/EN388 Teaching Young Adult Literature (3)

    Required for elementary and secondary reading minors. Not an education method elective. This course will introduce students to significant young adult authors and their books and will introduce them to strategies for teaching literature to middle and high school students. In addition, techniques and principles in the selection, evaluation, and promotion of young adult literature will be discussed. This is a course that secondary English majors should take, and it would be helpful if students have fulfilled their Literary Studies requirement (either EH221 or EH222) before taking the course. Field component: none. Prerequisite: EN201; cumulative grade point average of 2.5 This course is not accepted for General Education credit.