Education at Aquinas College

Education Major/Minor

Student Learning Outcomes for our education programs are prescribed by Michigan Department of Education (MDE) professional preparation expectations. More information on these expectations and professional standards are found on the MDE Speciality Program Standards site.

Education: Admission & Program Requirements

Elementary Certification

Elementary candidates are proficient across subject areas for teaching grades PK-3 and 3-6, including literacy, mathematics, social studies, and science. In addition, we integrate thorough preparation in professional knowledge and skills across the program.

Elementary Grade Bands:

PK-3 (ZO)
Grades 3-6 (ZP)


Secondary Certification

Secondary candidates choose one content area to teach across middle grades/5-9 and high school/7-12. The secondary candidate may choose to study a content-area minor, but it is not required. In addition, we integrate thorough preparation of professional knowledge and skills across the program.

Secondary Grade Bands:

Middle Grades 5-9
High School Grades 7-12


English (BA)
French (FA)
German (FB)
Integrated Science (DI)
Mathematics (EX)
Social Studies (RX)
Spanish (FF)
Speech (BD)


Biology (DA)
Chemistry (DC)
English (BA)
Geography (CB)
History (CC)
Mathematics (EX)
Physics (DE)
Political Science (CD)
Speech (BD)


PK-12 Endorsements

Music Education comprehensive group major, Grades PK-12 (JQ)

Spanish major, Grades PK-12 (FF)

POHI: Physically and Otherwise Heath Impaired, Grades K-12 (SC)


The NASDTEC Interstate Agreement facilitates the mobility of educators among the states and other jurisdictions that are members of NASDTEC and have signed the Agreement. Although there may be conditions applicable to individual jurisdictions, the Agreement makes it possible for an educator who completed an approved program and/or who holds a certificate or license in one jurisdiction to earn a certificate or license in another state or jurisdiction. Receiving states may impose certain special requirements which must be met in a reasonable period of time. Visit the NASDTEC site to review specific state-by-state requirements for teachers coming from out of state.

Aquinas College reserves the right to change, modify or amend education program plans in order to stay in compliance with Michigan Department of Education certification requirements.

Education: Admission & Program Requirements

Students are officially admitted into the AQ School of Education teacher preparation program upon successful completion of the EDUC-200 Introduction to Education course. To register for EDUC-200, students must meet the following admission criteria:

  • A minimum cumulative college GPA of 3.0
  • Passing scores on all sections of approved basic skills test (e.g.; PRE‐ Professional Readiness Examination, ACT, or SAT).

Acceptable SAT scores (taken March 5, 2016 or later):

SAT ‐ Mathematics 530
SAT ‐ Reading 480


Certification Requirements

The Michigan Department of Education has extensive requirements which must be met prior to recommendation for teacher certification. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • A grade of “C” or higher is required in every course applied to meet certification requirements. This includes all major, minor, and education courses. For elementary candidates, it also includes certain General Education courses.
  • Passing scores on all MTTC Subject Area tests for each certificate/endorsement sought. This testing is completed after all program coursework has been completed, either prior to or during the student teaching semester. Information regarding subject area tests, including practice tests and testing dates, is available at the MTTC website (
  • Criminal and sex offender background check clearance.
  • Valid and current Adult/Child CPR/First Aid training from an approved provider.
  • Completed education program portfolio.