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Education: Endorsements

For additional information on graduate level endorsement options available to certified teachers, see the M.A.T. Concentrations and Endorsements page

Elementary Teacher Certification: Grades K-5 all subjects plus at least one option from the chart
Students pursuing elementary certification must complete the general education requirements specific to elementary education. Students will also complete a professional preparation sequence and directed student teaching. In addition, students must select at least one option from the following list:

Major Minor

Integrated Science 6-8 (DI)

Bilingual Spanish K-12 (YF)
Language Arts 6-8 (BX) Early Childhood Education (ZS)
Learning Disabilities K-12 (SM) English as a Second Language K-12 (NS)
Mathematics 6-8 (EX) Language Arts and Mathematics Dual Minor 6-8 (BX)
Social Studies 6-8 (RX) Reading Minor (BT)
Spanish K-8 (FF)  
Spanish K-12 (FF)  

Secondary Teacher Certification: Grades 6-12 in major and minor areas only, unless otherwise noted

Students seeking teacher certification in Secondary Education are required to select both a major and minor.

Major Minor
Biology (DA) Bilingual Spanish K-12 (YF)
Chemistry (DC) Biology (DA)
English* (BA) Chemistry (DC)
French (FA) English (BA)
German (FB) English as a Second Language K-12* (NS)
History (CC) Geography (CB)
Integrated Science History (CC)
Learning Disabilities K-12 (SM) Mathematics (EX)
Mathematics (EX) Physics (DE)
Music K-12** (JQ) Political Science (CD)
Political Science  Speech (BD)
Social Studies*** Reading (BT)
Spanish K-12  

*English as a Second Language must be paired with a core content major.
**Music Education majors are not required to select a minor.
***Students who pursue the Social Studies major are required to complete a minor in either History, Geography or Political Science.

Each student pursuing teacher certification is required to meet with an Education advisor during the semester in which he/she takes EN 201 Introduction to Education. At this time, the student will be given a comprehensive list of courses required for the particular program option selected from the lists above. All students considering a career in teaching are welcome to meet with an advisor before enrolling in EN 201 to discuss program requirements and options. An advising appointment may be schedule by clicking on the "Forms" link in the above left hand menu, and selecting the "Advising Appointment" link. 
Note: Aquinas College reserves the right to change, modify or amend the state requirements for certification and/or courses in its sole discretion without prior notice. Last updated on 6/30/2017.