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Why study education at AQ?

The Aquinas College School of Education is excited to launch its new Elementary and Secondary majors. Organized around the Michigan Department of Education’s grade bands certification structure. Our programs provide teacher candidates preparation in focused grade bands with specialized knowledge about the students and content they will teach; defined clinical experiences and foundational coursework for each grade band (PK-3, 3-6, 5-9, and 7-12); unique preparation for instructing children at each developmental level, including middle-level learners; and enhanced content knowledge preparation for middle school teachers.

At Aquinas College, we strive to prepare teachers who are equipped to make a difference in the world. By incorporating hands-on learning, modeling effective teaching methods, and providing extensive clinical practice opportunities in the field, we ensure that our education students acquire the skills they need to become effective educators.

Our field supervisors and clinical coaches provide feedback and support not just during undergraduate clinical field placements, but also into graduates’ first year of teaching. At AQ, we view teaching as a vocational profession that integrates reflective practice and lifelong learning.

The mission of our program aligns with the social justice mission of the Dominican Sisters when we embrace critical conversations about anti-racism, diversity, and equity in education and strive to prepare educators who are competent, compassionate, and committed to serving all learners.


Study Away in 2023!

Join education faculty and students as we travel to Finland and Sweden in May 2023. This opportunity will facilitate learning about two of the world’s most progressive education systems. A hands-on workshop with educators in Helsinki explains how Finland fosters educational excellence without homework or standardized tests. A school visit in Stockholm highlights how Sweden tackles key topics such as equity, assessment, and engagement. Guided visits to these two stunning capital cities also offer insights into Scandinavian history, art, and contemporary culture.

Education in Finland and Sweden (8 days in May 2023)


Teacher Academy/Cadet Program Credit

High-school students who have successfully completed a teacher academy or teacher cadet program while in high school can apply for prior learning credits as a substitute for our EDUC-200 Introduction to Education course. Documentation of at least 30 hours of clinical fieldwork in a PK12 school is required. Contact the department for additional information at

Catholic School Educators

At Aquinas College you not only receive high-quality teacher preparation, but you have the opportunity to simultaneously earn your Catechist certification. Required by most Catholic schools, this certification increases your marketability and lessens the stress on your first year of teaching. Requirements vary by diocese, so consult your diocese for details and expectations.

Montessori Teacher Certification

Individuals completing Montessori teacher certification through the Center for Guided Montessori Studies are eligible to apply program coursework toward a graduate degree program at Aquinas College. Candidates must apply within 6 months of completing their CGMS certification program and can apply for up to 18 graduate credits (Cost = $150 per credit hour plus a $50 processing fee). The application form can be found on the Forms page of the Education program webpage.

The School of Education at Aquinas College is 1 of 147 providers in the U.S. meeting new, rigorous CAEP national accreditation standards to better prepare tomorrow’s teachers.
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  • 92%
    AQ Education grads rated "Effective" or "Highly Effective"
  • 90%
    Pass Rate on the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification
  • The only program in the country offering internationally-recognized Conductive Education teacher training.
    Aquinas College
  • Accelerated M.Ed. program leading to initial teacher certification in less than 18 months.
    Aquinas College
  • Future Catholic school teachers can complete catechist certification concurrent with their PK-12 certification.
    Aquinas College