Engineering: Admission Requirements

For First-year Students: 

Students will file the Aquinas College Application for Admission (select Engineering as the intended academic interest). Aquinas College will review and make final admission decisions on behalf of the partnership.

Admission requirements for the Direct Admit to Aquinas College/WMU collaborative program are that Students must meet the Calculus I readiness criteria. To be Calculus I ready, students must have met one of the following criteria:

  • Completion of MS-114 Pre-Calculus (or equivalent course elsewhere) with a 'C' or better OR
  • AP Calculus test score of 4 or 5 OR
  • SAT Math subscore of 590 or higher OR
  • ACT Math subscore of 25 or higher

Pre-Engineering track

Aquinas College's pre-engineering track ensures that students take the right sequence of courses and are ready for upper level courses.  

Unlike many other schools, Aquinas/Western Michigan University does not set quotas for admission to engineering programs; students who fulfill the requirements of pre-engineering are admitted to the program of their choice.  

Admission requirements for the Pre-engineering track at Aquinas College are that students must have met one of the following criteria:

  • SAT Math subscore of 520-580
  • ACT Math subscore of 20-24

Application Deadline: 

Rolling Admission