Engineering: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps towards graduation and how often will students be required to drive between the campus in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids?

For Industrial and Entrepreneurial Engineering, courses will be held at either Aquinas or at the WMU Grand Rapids campus for the first five semesters. You may take one class at the WMU Kalamazoo campus in the fifth semester . 

Semesters six and seven and the summer between them will be primarily taken at the WMU Kalamazoo campus, with the potential to return to Aquinas and WMU Grand Rapids for the eighth and final semester. 

General ed classes, as well as the pre-engineering and some of the engineering courses will be taught on the Aquinas campus.  

What degrees will I graduate with?

Students will graduate with both an associate of arts degree from Aquinas and a bachelor of science degree in engineering from WMU.

Why shouldn’t I just attend WMU?

This joint program is ideal for a student who wants to blend the experience of a small, Catholic liberal arts education with the resources, research opportunities and diverse campus of a top 100-public university. At Aquinas, a student's study is comprehensive and multidimensional, happening both in the classroom and outside. Prayer, study, community, and service are the foundation of all our students do. 

The partnership with Western Michigan University furthers the experience of our Aquinas students, giving them a chance to pursue an exciting engineering career, learn from WMU faculty members renowned in their fields, and take advantage of student-centered research opportunities that can change the world.

Learn more, in our students’ words, about the Aquinas experience and the Dominican pillars of prayer, study, service, and community.  

What possibilities are there if I have the ACT scores or grades needed for application to Aquinas but not the engineering program?

Students may apply to WMU College of Engineering and Applied Sciences by the end of their sophomore year at Aquinas if they have completed Pre-calculus MS-114 with a ‘C’ or better. WMU will review and make admission decisions on behalf of the partnership. 

Isn’t Aquinas College an expensive, private school? I’m sure I can’t afford it.

Aquinas College uses the Extended University Program rate charged by Western Michigan University for our engineering partnership.  This rate is lower than the standard Aquinas rate, providing an excellent value for students.  Students in this program receive all the advantages of education at a small private Catholic liberal arts college, in combination with their engineering degree - for the cost of tuition at a large state institution. Federal and state financial aid is available to those who qualify.

What if I decide not to continue the engineering program? Will I be eligible for Aquinas Scholarships?

If a student begins the Aquinas College - Western Michigan University Engineering joint program and decides not to continue and transfers into another Aquinas program, those students will be charged the standard Aquinas rate and will become eligible for Aquinas merit and/or athletic scholarships.  Aquinas is very committed to making your education affordable.  The college was recently ranked the #3 Best Value Regional University by U.S. News and World Report.

How long should I expect it to take to complete my engineering degree?

The engineering degrees offered at Western Michigan University are built on a four year curriculum model. Where you begin in the curriculum is based largely on your math placement. Students beginning in Pre-Calculus or below can expect to take additional time to complete the curriculum. Likewise if you choose to take advantage of internship and cooperative education employment opportunities.