English at Aquinas College

Journalism/Publications Minor

Minor Requirements: Twenty (20) semester hours in at least 3 different disciplines.

  • At least twelve (12) semester hours must be taken at Aquinas.
  • A maximum of six (6) semester hours of internship or field experience may be earned toward the minor with prior approval from the Program Coordinator.
  • Only courses with a grade of C- or above will count toward the minor.
EH291 Introduction to Journalism 3.0
EH292 Advanced Journalism 3.0
EH293 Publication Practicum 1.0
EH294 Adv. Publication Practicum 1.0
EH397 Field Experience in Journalism OR EH399 Independent Project var
Elective courses chosen from the following:
AT212 Photography I 3.0
BS202 Principles of Marketing 3.0
BS311 Advertising 3.0
BS357 Public Relations (WI) 3.0
CN101 Introduction to Communication 3.0
CN185 Introduction to Radio Production 3.0
CN285 Understanding Mass Media 3.0
CN302 Communication Ethics (WI) 3.0
EH350 Nonfiction Writing 3.0
EH397 Field Experience in Journalism var.
EH399 Independent Project var.
PS101 American Government and Politics 3.0
PS150 The World in Crisis (GP) 3.0
PS203 Urban Government and Politics 3.0
PS260 Politics and the News Media 3.0


  • AT212 Photography I (3) AP

    Course offered fall and spring Exploration of photography as fine art. Includes: basic camera handling, black-and-white film development and printing, aesthetic discussion and critiques. All photography courses require an additional lab fee. Consult current course schedule. Equipment required: 35 mm camera.

  • BS202 Principles of Marketing (3)

    An introduction to basic marketing concepts, including marketing strategy, pricing, promotional activities, product development, and physical distribution. Sophomore status required for traditional age students. Recommended: ES 211.

  • BS311 Advertising (3) S11

    Examines the role of advertising in marketing strategy, with a secondary emphasis on specific skills and techniques involved in the advertising process. Prerequisite: BS202. Open to juniors and seniors only. This course is not accepted for the Social Science Distribution requirement.

  • BS357 Public Relations (3) SSI, WI

    A comprehensive study of the role of public relations in contemporary organizations. Topics include planning issues, international public relations, specialty applications, and product publicity. Critical examination of public relations techniques and ethical issues occurs throughout the course. Prerequisite: BS202. Open to juniors and seniors only.

  • CN101 Introduction to Communication (3) PGC

    Theory and methods of intrapersonal, interpersonal, small group, organizational, public, intercultural, and mass communication.

  • CN185 Introduction to Radio Production (3)

    Introduction to the radio industry and workings of a radio station.

  • CN285 Understanding Mass Media (3)

    Analysis of the dynamics of mass media and its influence on society; criticism of the rhetoric of mass media; techniques for consuming media messages. Prerequisite: CN101.

  • CN302 Communication Ethics (3) WI

    Principles and perspectives of ethical speech communication are studied and applied to a variety of private and public communication situations. The impact of honest versus deceptive communication of the individual and society is evaluated. Prerequisite: CN101.

  • EH291 Introduction to Journalism (3) WI, AP

    Writing course focusing on basic practices and principles of modern newspaper reporting.

  • EH292 Advanced Journalism (3) AP

    Writing course focusing on special skills for writing features and editorials.

  • EH293 Publication Practicum (1) AP

    Writing, reporting and/or editing for campus newspaper. Prerequisite: Instructor approval.

  • EH294 Adv. Publication Practicum (1)

    Additional writing, reporting and/or editing for campus newspaper. Prerequisite: EH 293 and Instructor approval.

  • EH350 Nonfiction Writing (3)

    The writing of nonfiction such as the memoir, personal essay, literary journalism, and lyric essay. Prerequisite: EH210 or EH291.

  • EH397 Field Experience/Internship in Journalism (Variable)

  • EH399 Independent Project (Variable)

    Individually negotiated project of defined nature established by contract between instructor and student. Contracts filed with Registrar. Prerequisite: Approval of the department chairperson.

  • PS101 American Government and Politics (3) SS1/SS2

    This course is an introduction to the power, structures and functions of the American Government and Political System. Fundamental is a critical examination of the institutions and players who interact in the processes of American politics.

  • PS150 The World in Crisis (3) SS1/SS2, GP

    Introduction to the dynamics of global interaction and international relations. Developing of a basic understanding of the international system and modes of conflict and cooperation in international problem areas such as Bosnia, Nicaragua, Northern Ireland, Chiapas, East Los Angeles, Haiti, Somalia, American Embassies, Tokyo subways, Iraq, Kuwait, Arab-Israeli relations, human rights violations, armed conflict, poverty, environmental degradation, religious confrontation and diplomacy.

  • PS203 Urban Government and Politics (3) SS1/SS2

    The governance and problems of cities is the focus of this course. Planning, decision-making, issues and solutions are developed in this introduction to the politics and power structures in America’s Urban settings.

  • PS260 Politics and the News Media (3) SS1/SS2

    Role of the news media in process of government and functioning of the political system. This course is not accepted for the Social Science requirement.