English at Aquinas College

Student Learning Outcomes

Successful majors in the English Department will complete their education:

  • with a broad and a detailed knowledge of the British, American, and  World literary traditions;
  • with a facility with language that will enable them to express themselves effectively in persuasive, creative, and analytical modes of writing and speaking;
  • with an ability in critical and analytical thinking that will transfer to competency in a variety of professional careers;
  • with an ability to articulate an appreciation of literature as an art form, and its value for promoting personal growth, professional expertise, and social justice
  • with a commitment to lifelong literary appreciation dedicated to the pursuit of truth and the common good.


Mission Statement
Mission: The English Department serves students, the campus, and the community through the study of literature, writing, language, and theory. The Department prepares students for graduate programs and for careers in fields such as teaching, journalism, advertising, public relations, law, business, library science, professional writing, and editing for publications.