Folias Duo with Olivia and Michael

Described as daring in self-written music, the Grand Rapids-based Folias Duo presents a new project at Aquinas College with gifted alums on October 4. 

Flutist Carmen Maret and Guitarist Andrew Bergeron are passionate about sharing and collaborating across musical boundaries. As professors at Aquinas College, both have mentored a roster of skilled students; Andrew Bergeron has taught music there since 2006 and Carmen Maret since 2011. 

This October, Folias Duo teams up with two Aquinas College graduates, vocalist Olivia Vargas and guitarist Michael Pierce, both of whom are active in the Grand Rapids scene through their soul-pop band August. The four of them together will feature original compositions and arrangements for an intimate classical crossover quartet of voice, flute, and two guitars. The concert explores various classical, jazz, and tango combinations with a new take on the Folias Duo repertoire combined with songs from Olivia and Michael’s band August.

“We’ve combined with Olivia and Michael separately for some reworkings of our music, and this will be the first time with all four of us together,” Maret says, “we’re really excited about the combined sound of all our musical interests and abilities for this concert!”

“There is something deeply satisfying about working with professionals who you helped mentor as students,” says Bergeron. “All of us have a hand in this project too, so we’re approaching it as real collaborators.”

Folias Duo with Michael and Olivia perform at Aquinas College at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, October 4 in celebration of this new collaboration. The concert is at Aquinas College Art and Music Center, 1700 Fulton St E, Grand Rapids, MI 49506, Kretschmer Recital Hall, on October 4 at 7:30 p.m. Free Concert.


Bergeron/Maret - Air Drop Queen (2022)
Andrew Bergeron  - Silver Jack (2018/2022)
Olivia Vargas - Self Deprecating Love Song (2020)
Carmen Maret - Octopus Fantasma (2016)
Andrew Bergeron - Dreaming to Live (2016)
Astor Piazzolla arr. Michael Pierce - Escualo (1979)
Andrew Bergeron - Procession of the Foxes (2021)
Andrew Bergeron - Forgotten Peach Blossoms (2021)
Flor de Toloache - Dicen (2016)
Andrew Bergeron - Delicate Omens (2016)
Bergeron/Vargas - Soon (2022)

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