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Four-Year Guarantee

Aquinas College's graduation promise

You can finish in four. Guaranteed.

Starting with the incoming class of fall 2019, Aquinas College will guarantee that you will graduate in four years or the College will waive any additional tuition expense for up to one additional year for outstanding coursework required to graduate.

To qualify for this guarantee, the following conditions apply:*

  • Maintain full-time enrollment at Aquinas College for eight consecutive semesters
  • Complete an average of at least 15 credit hours per semester
  • Fulfill the Bachelor's Degree requirements and General Education requirements as outlined in the Academic Catalog
  • Follow the 4-year course of study plan published by your major and pass all required courses on the first attempt (no deficient grades as defined by your major)
  • Maintain progress in your major by declaring your major on time and successfully completing all prerequisites as required by your major
  • Not be subject to any disciplinary action per the Student Code of Conduct during your time as a student that restricts your academic progress

*This guarantee applies to completing a single major. It does not apply to programs requiring teacher certification (i.e., most education majors) and Professional Accountancy. It does not apply to Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. It also does not apply to the engineering partnership with Western Michigan University or the nursing partnership with Detroit Mercy Nursing.

Q: If I switch my major, does the four year guarantee still apply to me?
A: It may be possible to change majors and maintain the four-year guarantee depending on the new major you choose. If you declare that major on time and follow the plan, the guarantee still applies.  If you declare late or don't fulfill other conditions of the plan, then the guarantee is forfeited.

Q: If I pursue a double major or add a minor, do I forfeit the guarantee?
A: With careful advising, it may be possible to complete multiple majors/minors in four years.  Consult with your advisor to explore possibilities.

Q: I want to study away.  Will I still be able to graduate in four years?
A: For many areas of study, students can complete a study away experience and still graduate in four years. The key consideration is that the timing must not disrupt your progress on your four-year plan. Speak with your advisor early and frequently about how to incorporate a study away opportunity and continue on your four-year plan.

Q. What if a course I need is not offered or is closed due to enrollment exceeding course caps?
A: Aquinas College offers courses required for your major or for General Education requirements on a regular basis. If you are following your four-year plan, the course sequence will be made available. If a course is closed, another section or seat will be opened or you will be offered an independent study to complete the course.

Q: I want to take an internship. Will I still be able to graduate in four years?
A: Like the study abroad opportunities, it is important to work with your advisor and internship director to find an internship that does not disrupt your progress on your four-year plan. The internship director will make every effort help you to find an internship that both matches your interests and keeps you on your four-year plan.

Q: What courses of study are included in the guarantee? If my major is not listed, can I still graduate in four years?
A: The complete list of majors and dual majors offered at Aquinas College is located on the Undergraduate Academics web page under the "Major/Minor" tab. As noted in the guarantee, exceptions to the guarantee include Professional Accountancy and majors which include a certification requirement (most education majors) as well as engineering and nursing.

Q: Where can I get more information or who can I talk to about the program?
A: Current students should speak with their academic advisor.  Prospective students should contact their admissions counselor.