French at Aquinas College

French Major (BA)

>4 year plan for World Languages

Major requirement: Thirty-five (35) semester hours

Required Courses

  • WL201 (4)
  • WL202 (4)
  • WL301 (3) WL
  • WL302 (3)
  • WL325 (3) SC
  • WL327 (3)
  • WL401 (3)
Twelve (12) elective semester hours in French at the 300-400 level for a total of 35 semester hours


  • WL201 Third Semester French (4)

    Expansion of the four language skills and cultural knowledge at an intermediate level. Prerequisite: C or higher in 102 or equivalent.

  • WL202 Fourth Semester French(4)

    Further expansion of the four language skills and cultural knowledge at an intermediate level. Prerequisite: C or higher in FH201 or equivalent.

  • WL301 Advanced Composition and Grammar Review (3) WI

    Strong emphasis on reading, writing, and grammar review. Students approach writing as a process. Different writing genres are explored, including description, narration, exposition, argumentation and literary analysis. Students study and critique model compositions, and practice the composition process in stages. Emphasis on grammar structures and vocabulary enhancement is designed to improve written communication. Multiple drafts and peer editing of compositions are part of the process. Students must demonstrate an "Advanced-Low" level of proficiency in order to pass this course.  

  • WL302: Advanced Oral Communication (3)

    Emphasis on speaking and listening comprehension through discussion of current issues. Prerequisite: C or higher in FH202 or equivalent.

  • WL325 Culture and Civilization of France (3)

    Taught in French, dealing with the history, society, ideas and major works of literature from the Middle Ages through the Fourth Republic. Prerequisite: FH301 or equivalent

  • WL327 Contemporary France (3)

    Taught in French. Study of contemporary institutions, society, politics, and culture. Prerequisite: FH301 or equivalent

  • WL401: Seminar in French Studies (3) SC

    Variable topics in French literature and culture, in seminar form for students with advanced skills in French reading and speaking. Credits may be earned under different seminar content. Prerequisites: FH 301 and 302 or equivalent