French at Aquinas College

French Minor

>4 year plan

Twenty-three (23) credit hours exclusive of WL101/102. Required courses: 

  • WL201
  • WL202
  • WL311
  • WL312
  • Choose at least one of the following:
    • WL401
    • WL413
    • TI415
  • Six (6) credits of electives

At least 12 credit hours must be taken at Aquinas College, which may include courses taken while studying abroad. Students seeking to minor in French must complete all courses beyond the introductory level with a grade of “C” or higher to continue with the next-level language class (102, 201, 202, 301, and 302). At graduation time, the student must have a cumulative G.P.A. of B– (2.7) or higher in those courses used to fulfill the minor requirement. The language minor is not available to those students seeking teacher certification.


  • WL201 Third Semester French (4)

    Expansion of the four language skills and cultural knowledge at an intermediate level. Prerequisite: C or higher in 102 or equivalent.

  • WL202 Fourth Semester French(4)

    Further expansion of the four language skills and cultural knowledge at an intermediate level. Prerequisite: C or higher in FH201 or equivalent.

  • WL311 French Conversation and Composition (3)

    Strong emphasis on reading, speaking, listening comprehension, writing and grammar review designed to improve oral and written communication.

    Prerequisite: WL202 with a minimum grade of C or Placement Test.

  • WL312 Advanced French Communication (3)

    (Offered every spring) Strong emphasis on practice of more complex forms of written and oral expression from wide variety of texts (fiction, non-fiction, image, film, songs) to produce both oral and written texts in a wide variety of styles.

    Prerequisite: WL311 with a minimum grade of C or Placement Test.

  • WL401: Seminar in French Studies (3)

    Variable topics in French literature and culture, in seminar form for students with advanced skills in French reading and speaking. Credits may be earned under different seminar content. Prerequisites: FH 301 and 302 or equivalent

  • WL413 French for Professions (3)

    This content-based language course, taught in French, introduces economic, business and professional terminology through the study of the following topics: financial institutions (banking, stock market, and insurance); business practices (business letters and resumes); trade and advertising; the internal structure and legal forms of French companies. One of the other goals of this course is to also prepare the students to take one of the exams offered by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry: the Diplôme de Français Professionnel, Affaires, B2 ( This exam will be held on campus in December. Offered alternate years. Prerequisites: FH 301 or equivalent. No business background necessary.

  • TI415 French Translation: Concepts and Practice (3) SC

    Introduction to methods, techniques, and problems involved in translating from French into English. Emphasis is on the practice of translating general materials with some consideration for the translation of specialized materials, such as subtitles. The course will also involve the discussion of translation problems, recognition of appropriate solutions, and the use of specific translation strategies in French to English translation. Prerequisite: WL311 or equivalent. Co-requisite TI405.