Geography & Environmental Studies at Aquinas College

Geography Minor

Minor Requirements: Twenty (20) semester hours.

  • At least twelve (12) semester hours must be taken at Aquinas.
  • Only courses with a grade of C or better will count toward the minor.
GY101 Earth Environments 4.0
GY120 Human Geography (GP) 4.0
Twelve (12) semester hours of Geography electives (three (3) courses must be at a 200 level or higher):


  • GY101 Earth Environments (4) NL

    Natural elements of environment and effects on humans: seasons, radiation, wind, moisture, climate, as well as landforms resulting from running water, ice, gravity, marine activities, and tectonic processes. Three (3) hours lecture, two (2) hours lab (GY101L).

  • GY120 Human Geography (4) PGC, GP

    The geographic subfield of Human Geography discusses and interprets the role of human beings as they are distributed across the surface of the earth. This is a far-ranging field of inquiry that incorporates information from the traditional social scientific realms of economics, sociology, political science, and anthropology into a spatial analysis of the world around us. Given the nature of the topic, this course will be introductory in nature and examine the breadth of cultural geographic thought.