Counseling, Health & Wellness at Aquinas College

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual wellness means striving toward good mental health, continued intellectual growth, and creativity in life. This can include continued learning, practicing problem solving, improving verbal skills, keeping abreast of social and political issues, and reading books, magazines, and newspapers. 

An intellectually well person:

  • Cherishes mental growth and stimulation
  • Is involved in intellectual and cultural activities
  • Is engaged in the exploration of new ideas and understandings
  • Has the ability to problem solve, explore creative expression, adopt new ideas, think critically and pursue topics of personal interest

Ways to enhance this dimension

  • Seek out and utilize campus resources
  • Identify personal educational goals
  • Seek new experiences.
  • Apply classroom knowledge outside of the classroom
  • Seek experiential learning
  • Connect with current events
  • Seek exposure to various forms of artistic expression

Are you engaged in the process of intellectual wellness?

  • Am I open to new ideas?
  • Do I seek personal growth by learning new skills?
  • Do I search for lifelong learning opportunities and stimulating mental activities?
  • Do I look for ways to use creativity?

If you answered "No" to any of the questions, it may indicate an area where you need to improve the state of your intellectual wellness.

Here are some resources at Aquinas you can utilize to enhance your Intellectual Wellness: