History at Aquinas College

Student Learning Outcomes

The department of history seeks to develop students' general knowledge and analytical abilities, enhance their understanding of our contemporary socio-political situation, and refine their research and writing skills. The department aims for these outcomes through a varied curriculum, independent study, and internships that provide field experience. Rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition, history classes are conducted as part of a search for Truth.

"Our full-time history professors are all published authors actively pursuing research agendas and book projects. This is because excellence in teaching is their priority. In the words of the Assoc. of American Colleges and Universities, "Teacher-scholars are committed to high-quality undergraduate education, pursue an active program of research and scholarship, and are presumed to enliven and enrich their teaching and the student experience by incorporating insights from their own research into their instructional activities, student advising, and related work" (Kuh, et al., "Why Teacher-Scholars Matter," Liberal Education, Fall 2007)."