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Application for Insignis: Transfer Students

*Transferring more than 30 credit hours to Aquinas.

Because you have already applied for admission to Aquinas College, this application to the Insignis Program will only ask you for information specifically related to selection for Insignis. The Insignis Program Review Board will evaluate all applications and inform prospective students of their decision as soon as possible.

Please provide your local contact information below for all admissions correspondence:

Please provide your permanent address below:

Local newspaper information for hometown news releases:

Part I

NOTE: Currently enrolled Aquinas students must have an Aquinas College G.P.A. of 3.5 or faculty sponsorship for consideration. Please see the Director of the Insignis Program.

Part II
Please describe those non-classroom activities in which you have participated the past four years. List all involvement such as service clubs, jobs, sports, music, drama, or community organizations, church groups, etc.
The Insignis Program seeks self-motivated students who desire to challenge themselves academically and personally. Insignis students should be committed to developing personal and professional goals that lead to a well-integrated life and career.
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