Information Technology & Services at Aquinas College

ITS: AQnet Frequently Asked Questions

Where is wireless access found on campus?
Wireless access can be found throughout campus buildings. All areas support 802.11 a, ac, b, g, and n protocols.

What wireless network do I use?
To gain network access, you will need to select one of the policies options (wireless SSID):

  • AQnet-ELM:  Register Your laptops, phones, and tablets
  • AQMedia:  Register smart TVs, game consoles, and other legacy devices
  • AQGuest:  Guest Access

For more information, please download the AQ Wireless Network Connection Guide or follow the steps below.

How do I register my computer, phone, or tablet on AQnet-ELM?
For laptops or desktops with wireless network cards, verify that you have:

  • a supported operating system and up-to-date antivirus definitions
  • a device with integrated wireless or a wireless adapter and that your adapter is enabled
  1. Connect to AQnet-ELM wireless network  
  2. Enter your Aquinas username and password
  3. Next, you will need to download a policy key. A browser window will pop up to download the key, or you can navigate to to install it manually.

For smartphones and tablets*: 

  1. Connect to AQnet-ELM wireless network
  2. Trust the certificate 

*Steps outlined above are for Apple iPhones.  Please note: Steps will vary for tablets, and all other phone models, including Android. If you need additional help, please contact the ITS Help Desk.
See Recommended Computer Specifications for more information on configuring your computer on AQnet-ELM.

What do I need to do to get my smart TV, game console, or legacy device connected to AQMedia?
Example: A device that doesn’t support entering your username and password

  1. Connect to AQMedia from the wireless settings on your Smart TV or game console.  
  2. Enter password: Saints2021 (Case Sensitive)

How do I connect as a Guest?
This network is time, feature, and performance limited and should not be used by students, staff, and faculty due to these limitations.  For guest access, AQGuest will support general web surfing, email access, and features.

  1. Connect to the AQGuest wireless network. If a “Set Network Location” window appears after selecting AQGuest, choose “Public Network.”
  2. Open an Internet browser and you will be redirected to the AQGuest Registration page. If this page does not load automatically, please navigate to a webpage that is not associated with Aquinas College (e.g., and the registration page should appear.
  3. Click “Accept.”  You will then be connected to the AQGuest network.

How much does wireless access cost?
There is no additional cost associated with connecting to the Aquinas wireless network.  You supply the computer or device and we supply the connection to the Internet. However, the right is reserved to charge a $35 reconnect fee for accounts that are disabled for Acceptable Use Policy violations. Technical services that ITS is not able to provide must be sought from a source external to the College. The right is reserved to recover parts and labor expenses for network ports damaged by resident users.

What services will I receive on the AQnet-ELM network?
In addition to Internet access, you will also have access to all of the web services, including but not limited to web-based email, a personal calendar, integrated course software, and our very own student news portal, EngageAQ.

What kind of wireless adapter do I need?
To access the wireless network, you must have a 802.11 wireless adapter. For optimal performance, ITS strongly recommends either a 802.11n 5GHz/Dual-Band or 802.11ac 5GHz/Dual-Band wireless adapter. The terms 5GHz or "dual-band" may be used interchangeably when shopping for a wireless adapter. External USB wireless adapters can be purchased to allow desktop computers to connect to a wireless network.  If you like desktop computers, bring one! Simply acquire the proper wireless adapter using the suggestions above.

What does the Safe Connect Policy Key do?
The registration system, powered by Safe Connect, utilizes a small application, known as the Safe Connect Policy Key that resides on your computer with the sole purpose of ensuring that your computer is compliant with network security policies. 

What if my computer does not meet AQnet-ELM access requirements?
If your computer fails to meet the security requirements for AQnet-ELM, the Safe Connect Policy Key will notify you that the computer has been or will be quarantined. You will be quarantined immediately if you don’t have antivirus software installed and/or isn’t turned on.   If your antivirus definitions are out-of-date, you will receive two, twenty-four hour grace periods before you are quarantined. A quarantined computer may still access the internet, but will only be allowed to connect to websites where security software can be downloaded. To remove a quarantined status, install antivirus software, turn on your antivirus software, and/or update your antivirus software definitions.

What if I don't have a computer?
If you don't have a computer, you can still use the computer labs in the Academic Building, Room 353, and in the Library.  There are also small labs located in St. Joseph and Regina residence halls.  
If you are interested in purchasing a new computer or additional computer accessories, be sure to take advantage of student discounts that are offered by many retailers and manufacturers. Student or academic discounts can lower the cost of computer systems, software, and accessories for our students, faculty, and staff. Some of them are listed below:

  • Dell University: Select Aquinas College from the list of schools or use Membership ID: US126630113
  • Lenovo Student Discount Program: Lenovo assists students and faculty to find discount laptops, tablets, and desktop computers to fit their educational needs.
  • Apple Education Store: Create an Apple ID account using your "" student email address. Select Aquinas College from the list of schools.
  • Microsoft Student Deals: Great software discounts and free promotions/programming.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. Many companies offer student discounts. Ask them!

Will I be able to print from AQnet-ELM?
Yes. A PaperCut print kiosk will allow you to print from a campus lab computer or wirelessly from your personal laptop, desktop computer, or tablet. Locations include AB 353 Student Computer lab, Library lab, and AH 228 Group Study room. At each print kiosk, students will be able to obtain printouts, make copies*, scan to email* and scan to USB flash drive*. The print kiosk will require students to have money on their Aquinas College ID card in order to obtain their printouts.  For more information on PaperCut, please visit

  • To obtain an ID card: Go to Campus Safety
  • To fund an ID card: Go to Food Service in Wege 202 (Cafeteria Level) or Student Accounts in Hruby Hall

*To be in compliance with copyright laws, please review the Guide to Copyright and Fair Use

I have a wireless printer. Can I connect it to the campus network?
No. ITS recommends that the printer is connected to the owner’s computer via a USB cable or Bluetooth. A wireless printer, once connected to a campus-wide network, would be publicly available to all users connected to the network - not just the owner of the device. Additionally, hardware configurations on these devices are often incompatible with the College's network access controls.

How do I keep my computer secure?
To protect your computer, the ITS Department recommends keeping your dorm room door locked and not leaving your equipment unattended in public areas.

Need additional help?
To receive additional help on how to register your device or to troubleshoot your machine in order to get on AQnet-ELM, please visit the ITS Help Desk in AB 350 (8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday) or email with a detailed description of your problem, your MAC address, and your contact information. One of our Technology Assistants (TA) would be happy to help you.  TA’s are not allowed to repair any equipment.  For equipment repair, please contact your manufacturer for warranty information. We recommend that students bring all warranty information and restore disks to campus, in case of repairs are needed.